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Joe Mantegna Gives A Crucial Update On What Needs To Happen For A Criminal Minds Revival - Exclusive

There's been a lot of back and forth about whether there will be a "Criminal Minds" revival, with the latest news being that it's indeed a go on Paramount+. However, only time will tell if the project ever actually sees the light of day.

It's only been two years since the original "Criminal Minds" series ended its run on CBS in February 2020, but the demand for more seasons is palpable. It seems fans are eager to see stars Joe Mantegna, Matthew Gray Gubler, A.J. Cook, and others once again crack cases for the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit. With everyone pretty much remaining intact at the series finale, the show would be able to pick up right where it ended.

Is the cast — who have all moved on to other projects, including Mantegna, who now stars in the Prime Video series "As We See It" — ready to jump aboard the "Criminal Minds" train again? Mantegna recently spoke to Looper exclusively and gave some insight into what the "Criminal Minds" family is collectively thinking.

Joe Mantegna thinks the Criminal Minds cast is 'ready to go'

Mantegna, for one, is fully onboard with a "Criminal Minds" revival — and thinks fans are too. "I think there's more stories to be told," he says. "I know we have such a huge fan base around the world, and I would imagine they would appreciate it."

As for his co-stars, Mantegna believes they'd be up for it too. "The family link — I know that word gets thrown around lightly sometimes in this business, but we really did create a pretty strong family there — if and when we're given that opportunity, I think we'll all be ready to embrace it," he says. "Still, the verdict's not in yet, but hopefully it's moving in a good direction."

Mantegna continues, "I think we all, especially that last eight of us that finished the show that last couple of seasons, we all have maintained a very strong bond. We still do a thread with each other, as well as some of the people that were on it for just a certain amount of time and moved on. I would be more than happy to continue that."

As for what a new season and storyline would bring, Mantegna doesn't think any changes need to be made. "I don't know that we need to accomplish anything more than to just keep doing what we're doing," he says. "You don't look a gift horse in the mouth. What worked in the past should work in the future. I think we were onto a good formula, a good chemistry of people, and telling good stories."

All that remains now are "all these business decisions that are probably just holding it up," says Mantegna. "In other words, I don't think it's an artistic kind of thing. I think we're ready to go. I think, artistically, all we would need to be is given the go that says, 'Yeah, hit it!' and we'll jump in and see where it takes us."

All eight episodes of Mantegna's latest series, "As We See It," are now available to stream on Prime Video.