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Why Laramie From Yellowstone Looks So Familiar

"Yellowstone" premiered in 2018 and has since gone on to earn critical acclaim and several Western Heritage Awards (via IMDb). Taking place in beautiful Montana, the series is a breath of fresh air with a side of cowboys. In the show's third season, several newcomers are introduced to the ranch, the majority of them being strong women. For example, Laramie (Hassie Harrison), a barrel racer and is the best friend of fellow barrel racer Mia (Eden Brolin), makes her entrance on "Yellowstone" in Episode 5 of Season 3, "Cowboys and Dreamers." She brings with her a whole lot of ruckus and drama that shake things up on the show to the point where it becomes quite difficult to stop watching.

The addition of Laramie to the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch bunkhouse breaks the ingrained rule of "no women in the bunkhouse," and it's soon clear why. It's not long before the "Yellowstone" charmer gets caught up in a love triangle that causes a rift between two of the ranch hands, Lloyd Pierce (Forrie J. Smith) and Walker (Ryan Bingham). Laramie's personality might be unlike any other, but Harrison is a familiar face. 

Here are more roles that Harrison can be found performing before playing Laramie on "Yellowstone."

Harrison broke out with her role on Hart of Dixie

The CW's romantic drama "Hart of Dixie" is about Dr. Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson), an aspiring heart surgeon who is looking to follow in her father's footsteps and takes up a medical residency in Bluebell, Alabama. In a few episodes throughout Seasons 3 and 4, viewers can catch a glimpse of Hassie Harrison as Lucy, who is Wade Kinsella's (Wilson Bethel) girlfriend. Although Lucy doesn't stick around for too long, she certainly makes waves given the fact her boyfriend and Zoe have some serious chemistry.

Playing Lucy on "Hart of Dixie" is Harrison's first major television acting role. It's also worth noting that her IMDb profile reveals she did appear in an episode of "L.A. Rangers" a few months after her debut on "Hart of Dixie," too; 2014 was definitely a breakout year for the actor. Since then, Harrison has been seen in a variety of projects, including "Dementia" as Shelby Lockhart, "Southbound" as Jem, and "Max Reload and the Nether Blasters" as the character Liz.

The Iron Orchard shows Harrison as a true Texan

Based on the novel by Tom Pendleton, "The Iron Orchard" is a film set amongst the oil fields in a World War II-era Texas. Hassie Harrison is the lovely Mazie Wales, the sweet love interest of the movie's protagonist, Jim McNeely (Lane Garrison). McNeely sets out to the oil fields in the hopes of hitting it big, but he soon learns that working in the fields of Texas is tough work and fortunes don't happen overnight.

Harrison's character is a bit of a girl-next-door type. She naturally fits the glamorous, vibrant-lipstick style of the times, with her personality being true to a Texan. Ultimately, she is the driving force that motivates McNeely to make a name for himself. The movie's IMDb rating sits at a mid-level 5.8 out of 10, making its enjoyment levels hard to predict. Nevertheless, it's only more proof that if there's one role Harrison has perfected, it's that of a country gal.

Harrison will make you laugh in Tacoma FD

A comedy series about what it's like working for the fire department in the rainiest city of the United States called "Tacoma FD" started airing in 2019, and it's provided plenty of laughs for viewers. Hassie Harrison is seen as the fun-loving, upbeat young addition to the fire department named Lucy McConky. Lucy is the daughter of the fire department chief, Terry McConky (Kevin Heffernan), who isn't sure about her joining the crew, as he fears she'll be teased for being new. However, his daughter wastes no time proving him wrong and blending in with the team, and not just because she wears the same uniform.

Working at a fire department in rainy Tacoma, Washington, gets rather bland for the cast of characters at the center of "Tacoma FD." This means they have to adjust to working on the more mundane tasks that come with being a firefighter. Harrison's first appearance in the series is in Season 1, Episode 3, "A New Hope," in which she comes on as the crew's first female firefighter.

Laramie may have fans aggravated with her dramatic, rule-breaking addition to the bunkhouse in "Yellowstone," but Harrison does an excellent job filling the role well enough to have that effect. So, if you're all caught up on "Yellowstone" and looking to see more of Harrison — but maybe less of Laramie — check out any of these performances.