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The AHS: Double Feature Scene That Went Too Far

"American Horror Story" continues to creep its way to our screens every year, and it seems that creator Ryan Murphy still has plenty of frightening new chapters of the anthology series up his sleeves. The show has been a game-changer for what the horror genre can do on TV, and has paved the way for a number of other shows to flourish in the bloody spotlight. But Ryan Murphy and FX haven't been afraid to take the "American Horror Story" franchise in a slightly different direction. Fans were treated to the weekly anthology spin-off, "American Horror Stories," which ended its seven-episode run in August 2021.

Meanwhile, "American Horror Story: Double Feature" started just one week later and finished in October, so it was a fun few months for fans. "AHS" Season 10 is split into two parts — "Red Tide" and "Death Valley." The first story follows a family who moves to Provincetown, Massachusetts, where they encounter a mysterious black pill which fuels creativity. Unfortunately it comes with some bloody side effects, as it either transforms the user into a genius vampire, or a mindless pale monster. There's a price to pay for talent. The second half of the show involves an extraterrestrial conspiracy in New Mexico which sees aliens experimenting on humans to try and create perfect hybrids.

But out of all the horror in "Double Feature," there's one scene that went too far.

Doris is abandoned by her family

"American Horror Story" has never shied away from shocking twists, gory kills, and haunting torture scenes. But "Double Feature" takes the shock into new territory in "Red Tide." The mini-story follows Harry Gardner (Finn Wittrock) and his pregnant wife Doris (Lily Rabe) who move with their daughter Alma (Ryan Kiera Armstrong) to Provincetown for a few months. Unfortunately, it isn't the peaceful respite they're looking for when they come across the mysterious black pills.

Harry realizes how powerful the pills are when they give him the creative energy to finish his script, while Alma quickly masters the violin. Unfortunately their talents and bloodlust cause them to become incredibly callous and mean towards Doris. But in Episode 5, "Gaslight," Harry and Alma make Doris doubt herself, keeping her drugged and confused. The episode takes a heartbreaking turn when Doris transforms into a Pale one after taking a pill herself, and Harry and Alma set her loose in the town like an abandoned pet.

Fans on Reddit spoke at length about how upsetting the moment is, with u/Bdog111111 writing, "Seeing Dorris walk off like that seriously was one of the saddest moments I've seen in this show." u/The_Schnitz followed this up, saying "Especially seeing how little Harry and Alma seemed to care about kicking her out into homelessness – and she didn't even want to be in PTown! Such a cruel fate."