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Jessica Frances Dukes Talks Jessica Jones And Whether She'd Return For Another Marvel Vehicle - Exclusive

Netflix's "Ozark" just returned for the first part of season 4, and as usual, the stakes are extremely high. Jessica Frances Dukes, who plays FBI agent Maya Miller on the show, was excited to return for Season 4 Part 1, and it's clear that working on the Netflix show has been a highlight of her career to date. 

"I've learned so much from both Jason [Bateman] and Laura and Julia [Garner] and the whole cast," Dukes told Looper during an exclusive interview. "It was an epic sort of rollercoaster ride of emotions, like joining and now coming back for Season 4, it was like coming back to the family and getting right back to work. We didn't miss a beat."

Alongside her unforgettable "Ozark" role, Dukes also appeared on the third season of the Marvel series "Jessica Jones." Looper caught up with the busy actor to find out whether she'd return for another Marvel vehicle, and what her experience was like joining "Jessica Jones."

Joining Jessica Jones

Opening up about her time on "Jessica Jones," Jessica Frances Dukes told Looper, "Working on a Marvel show makes you immediately get into shape, one. Krysten [Ritter] is such a powerhouse, and to see her and what she did with 'Jessica Jones,' it was a master class for me." 

Dukes continued, "It was my first recurring role, and [first] big role. I want to give a major shout out to Rachael [Taylor] who I was on set with the most. I never really was on set with anybody else but Rachael, and she showed me the ropes ... I would watch her to see what she was doing, because I didn't quite know what the protocol was, what the language was. I learned a lot on that set and I took everything I learned to the next one."

While "Jessica Jones" ended with Season 3, Dukes isn't necessarily done with Marvel and superhero roles just yet.

Ready for Vixen

Hot on the heels of her kick-ass role in "Ozark," Jessica Frances Dukes is more than ready to take on another high-energy role. Having been a part of Netflix's "Jessica Jones," Dukes is also keen to score another role in a superhero vehicle. "I train six days a week with the trainer to be ready when they call me for all the Marvels," Dukes told Looper. "I'm such a comic book nerd, I already know who I want to play." 

Shooting her shot, Dukes revealed, "Whoever [reads] this interview, when you're ready to do a movie about Vixen, I'm ready. You can ask my trainer — I can lift heavy, I'm ready." As for the other types of roles she'd love to play, Dukes explained, "I'm such a girly girl, but I'm also a tomboy. I have all those worlds within me. I want to do it all." 

"Ozark" Season 4 Part 1 is now streaming exclusively on Netflix.