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Archive 81 Showrunner Rebecca Sonnenshine Reveals Her Dream Cast Member - Exclusive

Being a well-established executive producer and writer has its perks — most notably, it means getting to work more and more on the types of properties and stories you really want to explore, and that's certainly been the case for Rebecca Sonnenshine. Sonnenshine built her TV resume producing and writing for "The Vampire Diaries" from 2011 to 2016 and contributed to shows like "The Crossing" and "Outcast" as well before landing the Amazon adaptation of Garth Ennis' comic book series "The Boys."

Now, with two Emmy nominations under her belt (one for producing "The Boys" and one for writing the episode "What I Know"), Sonnenshine is taking on a supernatural Netflix series called "Archive 81." As someone who got their creative start making experimental short films in college, Sonnenshine was excited to take on "Archive 81" which revolves around two people attempting to solve the same mystery from decades apart — and the thing that connects them are strange, VHS tapes.

While Looper was exclusively speaking with Sonnenshine about how excited she was to be working on "Archive 81," we also asked her if there's a specific performer she hasn't had the chance to work with yet that she wants to — and she does!

The truth is out there

We asked Rebecca Sonnenshine what shows influence "Archive 81" and "The X-Files" immediately emerged as an answer. "'X-Files,' for me, is ephemeral,' Sonnenshien said. "I loved it so much. I really loved the way it told stories and visually, it was pretty groundbreaking at the time ... There's a lot of creeping through dark places [in our show] — which was very X-File — [and] flashlights, which is, it was a fun sort of throwback to that. I loved 'X-Files.'"

Given her love for the series, we asked if she wants to work with "X-Files" star Gillian Anderson. Unsurprisingly, she said yes.

"Yeah. Absolutely. I went to an 'X-Files' convention and got my poster signed by Gillian Anderson, which I still have."

The good news for Sonnenshine is that Anderson is already currently in two Netflix series, "The Crown" and "Sex Education." So, for all we know, Anderson could turn up in a future season of "Archive 81."

The first season of "Archive 81" is now streaming on Netflix.