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The Best Brettsey Moment From Chicago Fire Season 9

When it comes to sifting through Season 9 of "Chicago Fire" to pinpoint the very best scene shared by fan-favorites Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) and Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer), long-time viewers might have a tough time choosing. As veteran "Fire" watchers can attest, the Brettsey pairing has had a long, eventful and occasionally stormy evolution from acquaintance to friendship to something much more intense.

As seen in Seasons 3 through 7 of the series, Truck 81 firefighter Casey and paramedic Brett are basically learning to trust each other and gradually become closer as friends. Also central to the narrative at this point, of course, is Casey's romance and eventual marriage to fellow first responder Gabby Dawson (Monica Raymond). After Casey and Dawson divorce in Season 7, the way is cleared for the chemistry between Casey and Brett to heat up further, even though they're still opting for professionalism and friendship over romance. By Season 9, however their relationship is accelerating to the point that they can no longer deny the affection they feel for each other. With all of the above as prelude, then, what stands out in Season 9 of "Chicago Fire" as the absolute best moment for the good ship Brettsey?

The Brettsey kiss in Season 9 is a red-hot highlight

Throughout Season 9 of "Chicago Fire," the Brettsey romantic trajectory seems to be steadily on the upswing. In the episode "Rattled Second City," for instance, Casey ends up spending the night at Brett's — as a good friend — after she's spooked by a potentially dangerous stalker and asks for his company. Then, in a subsequent episode, Brett tells firefighter Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) that she's more or less admitted to Casey that she's in love with him. Things move even farther along when Casey tells Brett that he no longer has feelings for Dawson, and that he loves Brett.

The culmination of the multi-season Brettsey saga reaches its much-anticipated resolution in the Season 9 finale episode "No Survivors." At night at the firehouse, Casey steps outside for some air where Brett joins him and finally tells him to his face that she loves him. A moment later, they share a passionate kiss that, at long last, seals their relationship in no uncertain terms. So, is the high-temperature Casey-Brett kiss the best Brettsey moment from Season 9 of "Chicago Fire?" Well, we think Redditor u/RahanAlc posting on r/ChicagoFireNBC sums it up perfectly: "Brettsey Kiss has just hit 1.5 [million] views on YT channel of #OneChicago :>"