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Why Some Chicago Fire Fans Are Divided Over Brett And Casey's Relationship

Keeping an ongoing network series exciting after it has logged numerous seasons can be tough. This is especially true when actors leave, and their extended character arcs are unfinished. Sometimes that means the show's writers have to create fresh couples from the characters still left on the show, which can lead to potentially divisive pairings.

Such is the case with "Chicago Fire," which lost Monica Raymund and Teddy Sears back in Season 8. Raymund's Gabriela "Gabby" Dawson was married to Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) from Season 5 to Season 8, and Sears' Kyle Sheffield was engaged to Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) during Season 8. With both of their lovers gone by Season 9, Casey and Brett found themselves spending more and more time together. Ultimately, they started dating since the Season 9 finale, "No Survivors" (via IMDb). Throughout Season 10, the new couple has (poorly) hidden the fact they're together from their friends at the station.

Some fans have really taken to the Brett and Caset pairing thus far, while others have rejected it entirely. Why are fans so divided over this "Chicago Fire" relationship?

Chicago Fire fans have passionate opinions about Brett and Casey

It seems that some fans just can't let go of the hope that Gabby will come back, or see Brett and Casey's relationship as truly romantic. Fans shared their strong feelings on Twitter after the official One Chicago account shared a tweet featuring a GIF of the couple sneaking out of a bar together. "I tried watching but I just couldn't with Brett and Casey," said @Kathy_Dominguez, adding in a shower of crying emojis. "These two have been like brother and sister for many years and now the writers are shoving them in my face." Twitter user @Lilyedo1 agreed, saying they only "want to repeat all the beautiful things Casey and Gabby said to each other." 

Naturally, other fans are vocal about how they adore seeing Brett and Casey together. "Chicago Fire" viewer @iship2ship replied to the One Chicago tweet, "God, I love to win." Some even struck out at Gabby fans who replied to the thread. Among their number was @breezywanderer, who said, "Dawson fans are so weird. She's been gone for multiple seasons. Move on. Casey did."

These mixed reviews from the fans of "Chicago Fire" are reflected by those replying to Brett and Casey-centered threads, such as the one recently posted by u/GriGAYriRasputin to the "Chicago Fire" subreddit. "Just think that Brett should find someone new and has no ties to anyone," said u/Keola96. From the pro-Brett-Casey side of the fence, u/viler_mago stated they're "happy" about the pairing. "This relationship really grew organically, and they are very similar people."

Will Brett and Casey stand the test of time? Fans will have to keep tuning in to "Chicago Fire" to find out.