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The Worst Thing Natalie Ever Did On Chicago Med

Unlike other medical dramas, "Chicago Med" is part of an interconnected franchise ("One Chicago") that centers on the personal and professional lives of public service workers. The NBC drama is set in the fictional Gaffney Chicago Medical Center and focuses on the doctors and nurses in the emergency room.

Since the show's debut in 2015, its rotation of main characters has undergone several changes. The Season 6 finale and premiere of Season 7 saw the departure of two main characters: Emergency Department Nurse April Sexton (Yaya Dacosta) and Dr. Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto). Both had been series regulars since Season 1, and Manning went out on a particularly sour note.

Since the pediatrician's introduction as a pregnant, grieving widow, "Chicago Med" fans have been divided on how to feel about her. On one hand, Manning has had to overcome various challenges while working in a stressful field. On the other, she is judgmental toward patients and frequently mistreats them.

When Manning gets fired after crossing a line, fans weren't necessarily surprised — it was the worst thing she had ever done.

Natalie risked her career and her mother's life

In Season 6 of "Chicago Med," Dr. Natalie Manning's mother, Carol (Margaret Colin), becomes a patient at GCMC. Understandably, Manning struggles with watching her mother suffer from heart failure. She takes matters into her own hands and begins stealing a trial medication from Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss)'s ongoing study.

Halstead catches on, and in an explosive confrontation, he tells her that she could kill Carol by dosing her with an "untested clinical trial drug without supervision or monitoring." Manning explains that she was "desperate" and couldn't sit by and watch Carol's health deteriorate. In the season finale, Halstead is nearly fired over the missing medication.

Manning comes clean to protect Halstead and gets fired for breaking the rules. While it's easy to sympathize with her for wanting to save her mother, it's undeniable that she took a major gamble without thinking it through.

Many "Chicago Med" fans were eager to see Manning finally facing repercussions for her reckless behavior. "I need people to stop sticking their necks out for Natalie and for her to suffer the consequences of her own actions!!!!!" tweeted @sylleewin.

On the show's subreddit, u/PurpleMuskogee was one of many to admit that they were "glad to see Natalie go" in Season 7. Most were surprised it took this long, but this situation was so cut-and-dry that it would've been impossible for the team to let her stay.