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Eddie Marsan Reveals What It's Really Like Working With Robert Downey Jr. On Sherlock Holmes - Exclusive

Eddie Marsan is currently promoting "Ray Donovan: The Movie," Showtime's follow-up to the successful series that was abruptly canceled after Season 7 aired. Luckily, the movie addresses some of the questions that fans were left with when the show ended, and it's always a joy to watch Marsan reprise his role as ex-boxer Terry Donovan.

Alongside "Ray Donovan: The Movie," Marsan is an incredibly busy actor whose credits include "Fast & Furious: Hobbs and Shaw," "Deadpool 2," "Vice," and "Atomic Blonde." Marsan is also a regular Guy Ritchie collaborator, and appeared in both of the director's recent movies, "The Gentlemen" and "Wrath of Man." Plus, Marsan plays the role of Inspector Lestrade in 2009's "Sherlock Holmes" and 2011's "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows," as well as the forthcoming "Sherlock Holmes 3," which all feature Robert Downey Jr. as the titular detective.

Looper caught up with Marsan to find out what it was like working with Downey Jr. on the "Sherlock Holmes" movies.

Sherlock Holmes involved 'lots of improvisation'

Eddie Marsan's body of work speaks for itself, and the busy actor continues to book exciting new projects. Hot on the heels of "Ray Donovan: The Movie," Marsan has a plethora of TV and movie projects on the go, including the long-awaited third film in the "Sherlock Holmes" series. Marsan, of course, plays Inspector Lestrade in the franchise, alongside Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes and Jude Law as Dr. John Watson.

Speaking about his time working on the "Sherlock Holmes movies alongside Robert Downey Jr., Marsan tells Looper, "It was very good. There was lots of improvisation, especially in the first one, there was lots of improvisation." He continues, "We were exploring characters, the relationship between Lestrade and Holmes, and we had lots of fun. He was very creative." 

While the first two movies in the "Sherlock Holmes" trilogy were directed by Guy Ritchie, Dexter Fletcher has taken the helm for the third movie, which will see Marsan and Downey Jr. reprise their respective roles once more.

"Ray Donovan: The Movie" is now streaming exclusively on Showtime.