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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Gets An Honest Trailer

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 gets caught up in a web of insults in a new Honest Trailer. The trailer, from Screen Junkies, rips into the movie, describing it as "a Spider-Man 2 with a Spider-Man 3 level of quality" directed by a guy whose main qualification is his last name. (The movie was directed by Marc Webb.)

The trailer describes the movie as a "premature reboot" of the original Tobey Maguire trilogy, noting that its critical failure was so bad that it ended up sending Spider-Man back over to the MCU as part of the Sony-Marvel partnership. (Unfortunately, though, Spider-Man's side characters will remain firmly with Sony.) As it points out, viewers should have maybe had low expectations going in, considering the movie comes from the same writers and producers who gave us Star Trek: Into Darkness and "a bunch of bad Michael Bay movies." The trailer also lambasts the film for being so bloated that Black Cat and Spider-Slayer only get cameos while Aunt May's nursing career has a full plot line. "Who asked for this?" the trailer says.

"Return to a New York where everyone exclusively uses Sony products, crowds cheer while violent crimes play out, and everyone in the city is a scientific genius– except Aunt May," the trailer says, before knocking star Andrew Garfield for changing Peter's stutter from the first film into a constant need to repeat himself. It also pokes fun of his relationship with Gwen, which goes from loving each other so much that they have to stay together to loving each other so much that they have to stay apart (with a good amount of stalking in between).

The trailer goes on to knock the film's many, many villains, including Electro (who should totally have eel powers) and the Rhino, who is basically "a ridiculous Russian Transformer." "So settle in for a Spider-Man movie with a good performance by Andrew Garfield that was so bogged down by subplots, underwhelming action, trailer moments with no pay-off, and the constant stink of desperation to create a cinematic universe that [writer] Alex Kurtzman did it all over again with The Mummy," the trailer concludes, getting in an extra punch at the recent Tom Cruise flop, which Kurtzman wrote, directed, and produced.

The trailer does present a good idea at the end, suggesting that "old Tom Holland" Garfield join the upcoming rebooted Spider-Man movies as a cool new Uncle Ben who gets shot by Tobey Maguire before they all fly away in a Japanese Spider-Zord. Something tells us the folks at Marvel wouldn't allow that to happen, but it would still be awesome.

Holland is hoping to lead a much better-received Spider-Man incarnation with Spider-Man: Homecoming, due out July 7, and, if early reviews are any indication, the film looks to be a hit. While we wait, see some actors who almost suited up as the webslinger over the years.