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Venom Won't Be A Part Of The MCU, Says Marvel Head

Looks like Venom won't be squaring up against Spidey any time soon.

In a recent interview with French outlet AlloCiné (via Screen Geek), head of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige discussed the much buzzed-about Spider-Man: Homecoming, which stars British actor Tom Holland as the titular hero and is set for release next month. Feige also spoke on another Spidey-related pic that will swing its way to the silver screen: Sony's Venom, led by fellow Brit Tom Hardy. 

Fans expressed enthusiasm early and loudly about a potential meeting between Spider-Man and Venom, but Feige revealed that it's unlikely the pair will ever go head-to-head in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. "For now, there is no plan for Venom in the MCU. It's a Sony Project," Feige explained.

Feige's confirmation connects to past chatter that indicated Venom could be the start of Sony's own Marvel movie universe, which was rumored to also include the Silver Sable and Black Cat flick penned by Thor: Ragnarok scribe Chris Yost. Reports stated that the potential cinematic world would stand separately from the general MCU, and would bring in tons of other Sony-owned characters like Doctor Octopus and Sandman. While Venom won't be a true-blue MCU film, at least Sony is still planning on a universe filled with Spidey's supporting heroes and villains. 

Venom is a darker, more mature spin on the classic villain played on screen by Topher Grace in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 3Alien: Covenant writer Dante Harper whipped up the script. The film is set for release on October 5, 2018. Until then, find out the untold truth of Venom