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The Only Way Production Interferes On The Curse Of Oak Island

When you think of treasure hunting, the first images that come to mind are likely of pirates and chests filled with gold, but "The Curse of Oak Island" offers a modern approach to the unusual activity. The reality series follows brothers Rick and Marty Lagina as they attempt to solve the mystery of Oak Island and uncover its long-buried treasures.

After nine seasons, some fans are questioning how truthful the show is and whether or not there's any treasure to be found on the private island. Some even wish that the show would shift its focus toward the artifacts they uncover that aren't related to the "Money Pit" or other legends.

Additionally, certain fans are becoming critical of the show's pacing because it's been nearly a decade and the Lagina brothers and their crew have yet to solve the Oak Island mystery. With all this in mind, Marty Lagina addressed fans' concerns and revealed whether or not the show's production interferes with their treasure hunting in a 2017 interview.

Production tends to slow down the show's treasure hunting

Rick and Marty Lagina spoke with Reality Blurred in 2017 about "The Curse of Oak Island" and acknowledged that, because it's a reality series, viewers will inevitably be skeptical of how realistic it is. However, Marty revealed that shooting the show only interferes with their efforts in one way: pacing.

The treasure hunter said that the show's production "slows it down" because of how long it takes them to get ready to shoot scenes. "The show slows down the exploration effort. They don't interfere," he said. "That is a very real show — we're doing what we think is the right thing to do. But it takes a lot longer to do because of the setup of the cameras."

However, even though the production's time-consuming setup process does give the "Curse of Oak Island" crew more downtime, the Lagina brothers insist that "everything about that show is real."

"The Curse of Oak Island" airs on Tuesdays on the History Channel and can be streamed online.