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The Most Paused Ruth Moment In Netflix's Ozark

Whether they love her for her disarming, elvish features, famously flippant attitude, or infamously forked tongue, Ruth Langmore (Julia Garner) has become not just a fan-favorite character on "Ozark," but one of the best-loved on any television show. For her performance as the character, Julia Garner has become every bit as adored as Ruth, even taking home a pair of Emmy Awards for her work on the series.

The "Ozark" fandom would no doubt agree Garner's Emmy wins were totally deserved too, as the actor has so completely embodied the tortured, vulnerable, and venomous soul of Ruth Langmore that it's impossible to imagine another performer playing her. However, as much as fans enjoy watching Garner navigate Ruth's prickly, perpetually-shifting moods, they're often just as keen to hear the foul-mouthed rantings the character has become notorious for.

With that in mind, it should probably come as no surprise that one vulgar Ruth rant, in particular, has become an "Ozark" moment fans just can't seem to get over.

One of Ruth's best uses of foul language has become a popular meme

Ruth Langmore's most frequently paused, rewatched, and memed moment came in Episode 10 of "Ozark" Season 2 when Cartel launderer extraordinaire Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman) is busy plotting an exit for him and his family from the Lake of the Ozarks region. A key part of Marty's plan, understandably, involves bringing Ruth further into the criminal fold by placing her in charge of his laundering operations. However, as he lays out the plan to her, it's clear that Ruth isn't entirely comfortable with handling the business on her own. At one point, she even bluntly states, "I don't know s*** about f***." 

The quote became an instant classic for both die-hard "Ozark" fans and casual viewers alike. It also became one of the most memeable moments "Ozark" has ever produced, with savvy social media users referencing the quote to cover pretty much every facet of life (via Know Your Meme). For obvious reasons, the meme-ification of Ruth's fabulously foul-mouthed quote reached its fever pitch when 2020 took the, uh, turn that it did. Before that, the scene was still regularly given the meme treatment, with one clever Redditor even using it in a "Simpsons"-themed meta meme that swapped one of Bart's most infamous catchphrases ("I didn't do it") with the vulgar "Ozark" line. Needless to say, the comments section on that Reddit thread is as lively as you'd expect. 

Given the reactions that Ruth Langmore continues to inspire from "Ozark" fans, it seems safe to say that her most quotable — and meme-able — moment will continue to be referenced online fairly regularly for the foreseeable future.