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The Creepiest Crime Scene From CSI Season 2

With renewed interest in the "CSI" franchise following the long-awaited sequel "CSI: Vegas," many fans have been revisiting early seasons of the long-running crime procedural series. "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," CBS' original show, ran from October 2000 to September 2015 and followed the personal and professional lives of a Las Vegas-based forensics team (via IMDb).

At the beginning of most episodes, the investigators are shown doing their first inspection of an oft-creepy crime scene. As they sweep the room for blood splatter patterns, fingerprints or DNA, and other potential evidence, the team typically manages to keep their composure. For viewers, however, watching these gruesome scenes unfold can be difficult to watch. With more than 300 episodes and an endless supply of disturbing crime scenes, it's hard to narrow down which ones stand out the most — especially from the early seasons.

So, which Season 2 episode of "CSI" has the creepiest crime scene?

CSI fans agree that Stalker was horrifying

Many "CSI" fans agree that Season 2 Episode 19, titled "Stalker," features one of the most chilling crime scenes in the series. The episode follows the investigation of a woman strangled by a stalker who had terrorized her for months. It's revealed that Nick Stokes (George Eads) is the stalker's next target, and one clue at the crime scene is left just for him.

The victim, Jane, is found by Catherine Willows (Mary Helgenberger) and Gil Grissom (William Petersen) posed over the toilet as though she'd been throwing up, while red hair dye streaks the bathtub. Stokes realizes that the killer was intentionally recreating a personal picture of his redheaded prom date. The stalker, who had been living in Jane's attic, moves into Stokes' attic to start his next project of obsession and control. The "CSI" team solves the case in time, but many fans still point to "Stalker" as being nightmare-inducing.

"This episode creeped me out so much I can't really rewatch it," u/pitter_pat_ter wrote on the show's subreddit. Meanwhile, on the r/horror subreddit, one user said that they were "legitimately scared to the point that (they) didn't want to go to bed" after watching this episode.

While "CSI" has featured countless scary crime scenes over the years, this is one that many fans just can't shake.