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Fans Are Loving Rita Wilson's New Look In Yellowstone's 1883

For plenty of its fans, the main appeal of Paramount+ "Yellowstone" prequel series "1883" is its plot. "Yellowstone" is massively popular, after all, so it stands to reason that a significant number of viewers are interested in a brand new story relevant to the mainline series' characters and setting.

Perhaps next most important to "1883" is its cast. The three leads in "1883" are portrayed by cowboy actor extraordinaire Sam Elliot, country singer Faith Hill, and her real-life husband Tim McGraw. Its supporting cast too includes a number of recognizable names, like the Academy Award-nominated Graham Greene as a Crow elder named Spotted Eagle.

Partway into the run of its first season, it was announced that Rita Wilson would guest star in a midseason episode of "1883." While that episode has yet to air, Wilson shared a photo to her personal Instagram account of both her and Hill in their full "1883" costumes and makeup. In the comments attached to the post, fans responded with overwhelming positivity to this first look at Wilson's "1883" getup.

Friends and fans alike praised Rita Wilson's new look

In total, Rita Wilson's Instagram post in which she and Faith Hill are dressed for "1883" was liked more than 26,000 times and commented on by more than 500 users. Among those are a number of comments by celebrities that appear to know Wilson in a personal capacity, like Hill's daughter Audrey McGraw, who wrote in two separate comments "Iconic" and "Love y'all so much."

Numerous responses from presumably non-famous fans were similarly positive. User m.zappacosta, for example, wrote "Legend " followed by four red heart emojis. User conniehackney5, meanwhile, replied "Awesome and Congrats," with a single heart emoji.

In response a functionally identical post on Wilson's Twitter account, User roulaallen wrote "This is fantastic news!!! Cannot wait!" along with a series of emojis connotating a celebration. User Mlovin1 also replied, "Okay but y'all look FABULOUS!!" along with three heart-eyed emojis.

It's safe to say, then, that viewers of the show, fans of Wilson's career, and frequent emoji users are all looking forward to her "1883" appearance, set to air sometime in the near future.