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Yellowstone Prequel 1883 Just Added Yet Another Huge Name To Its Cast

The neo-Western "Yellowstone" arrived in 2018, and it didn't take long for it to pick up steam with small screen viewers. The trials and tribulations of the Dutton family — led by patriarch John Dutton, as portrayed by film icon Kevin Costner — proved to be the stuff of must-see TV, hence why it's currently up to an impressive four seasons. Of course, Paramount isn't looking to squander this ever-growing popularity, hence why a prequel series titled "1883" is on its way to the Paramount+ streaming service for subscribers to enjoy.

Naturally set in the late-19th century, "1883" puts the spotlight on the Dutton family, though not the one audiences have grown familiar with over the past few years. Country music power couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill will play James and Margaret Dutton, respectively, with Isabel May slated to bring Elsa Dutton to life. To further strengthen this already star-studded cast, Sam Elliott has signed on to the role of Shea Brennan, and Billy Bob Thornton joined the fray as Jim Courtwright, and the excellent additions just keep coming.

As of December 6, 2021, yet another big name with a noteworthy résumé has joined the "1883" cast. Here's who it is and what part they'll play in the upcoming series.

Graham Greene will appear on 1883

As reported by Variety, silver screen veteran Graham Greene has tossed his hat in the ring to appear on "1883." According to the scoop, he'll play a character named Spotted Eagle: a Crow elder who encounters James Dutton and alerts him to the existence of Paradise Valley, recommending he settle his family there. This is a major inclusion for the show, seeing as Greene's experience in the entertainment industry dates back to the 1970s, and classic titles riddle his filmography — all platforms for him to put out fine work as an on-screen talent.

Graham Greene got his first taste of the cinema in 1976 via "Bei Shao lin," launching a remarkable career that would span screens big and small. He popped up in projects like "The Campbells" and "Powwow Highway" before springboarding into the mainstream with his Academy Award-nominated performance as Kicking Bird in 1990's "Dances With Wolves." In the years to follow, he landed spots in "Die Hard with a Vengeance," "The Green Mile," and "Defiance," among a host of others. Some of his latest credits include "American Gods" and "Antlers," both from 2021.

Fans will get the chance to see Graham Greene's Spotted Eagle in action when the inaugural season of "1883" premieres on Paramount+ on December 19.