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Neve Campbell And David Arquette Discuss Their Scream Cast Reunion And Favorite Memories - Exclusive Interview

When it comes to satirical horror, nobody does it better than "Scream." The original 1996 film doled out every horror trope in the book, poking fun at its own existence, and 26 years later, fans still can't get enough. Neve Campbell (our favorite Final Girl Sidney Prescott) and David Arquette (our loveable and doofy deputy Dewey Riley) led the franchise with grace alongside Courteney Cox (Gale Weathers). 

"Scream" taught fans the critical lesson of never declaring that you'll be back, but the franchise also showed fans that horror — and sequels — can stand the test of time. While many franchises opt to reboot popular series ten times over, "Scream" has steadfastly stood by the creators and actors who made Woodsboro home for more than two decades. However, it's a new age, and according to 2022's "Scream," it's about time the franchise got some TLC in the form of a "requel." 

The upcoming film boasts the best of old and new while subverting many of the tropes the movies poke fun at, but that doesn't stop it from offering plenty of surprises and throwbacks to fans of the original. "Scream" is a love letter to the late great Wes Craven and to the fans who have been coming back for more screams time after time. We meet plenty of new faces throughout the film, but it's no surprise that the most important of all is Ghostface. Who's there to defy their dastardly plans? That's right — Sidney and Dewey are back on the (crime) scene.

Looper spoke to Neve Campbell and David Arquette during an exclusive interview where they talked about their "Scream" cast reunion, reminisced about Wes Craven, and revealed which OG cast members they'd have loved to see return to the movie. Sadly, while ghost is in the name of the killer's moniker, this isn't a supernatural film. We can't bring our faves back from the dead, but we can bring something else back. Campbell teased the reemergence of an iconic staple of the original film. 

Honoring Wes Craven

Neve, you have some badass moments with Courteney Cox in the movie, and David, you have some really great heart to hearts. So after almost 25 years since "Scream," what has it been like working together to reprise your roles?

Neve Campbell: We love working together. I mean, we've been doing these for 25 years, and these movies had such a huge impact on our lives, and we all bonded real tight from the very beginning. So every time we get to see each other is an incredible pleasure. Great fun.

David Arquette: Yeah, totally. It's just been one of the greatest gifts ever being a part of this film series and getting to know these two.

Fans were lucky enough to get Wes Craven at the helm of all four "Scream" movies, but this is the first without him. What was it like working with Wes on the first four and taking on this one without him? And how do you think he'd feel about the final result?

Campbell: Wes was a master. He was the best with this genre. Well, with other genres as well, but just a phenomenal talent and amazing energy and a father figure to us. And truly changed our lives in the most wonderful ways and fun to work with. So we miss him, and he was well missed on this film. We felt his absence, but we certainly felt his presence as well.

He was talked about every day, and we were always discussing, "Would Wes do it this way? Would he do it that way?" The directors wanted that input because they're uber fans of his. They became directors because of Wes. They made "Ready or Not" because of these "Scream" movies, so there couldn't have been better directors to come on board, and I really think they've done him right. I think Wes would be proud of them.

Dewey's forgotten sister

Is there anyone from the original movie that you would've liked to have come back for any kind of role in the film?

Arquette: Well, Rose [McGowan] – my sister, Tatum. I mean, of course that's like...

Campbell: He lost his sister.

Arquette: Yeah, yeah.

Campbell: I think there's always ... The fans always talk about Stu because he was ... I mean, Matt Lillard — just an amazing actor and had so much fun with the role that I think people always wish they could see that character again.

Definitely. The next movie will have to be an actual haunting. Get all the OG cast back.

Campbell: [Laughs] Yeah.

David, did you ever think that Dewey would make it to the fifth film in the franchise? And what has it been like to survive alongside Neve as the classic core Final Girl? Because everyone else doesn't usually make it this far.

Arquette: Yeah. In the first one, I wasn't supposed to, but Wes was sweet enough to put me in a gurney and have me wave. So that was exciting, and he's just been such a gift. Wes was such a mentor [to me, and] such an incredible person ... He really helped me as an actor and as a human. I can't say enough about him.

Sidney is heading back to Woodsboro's spookiest house

Do you have a favorite scene from the franchise or a favorite non-spoilery one from this one?

Campbell: What's nice about this one is we go back to Stu's house. We go back to the original house, which I think is going to be really fun for the fans, and it certainly was moving for us. It was like [a] major flashback when I walked back on that set because the set decorators were phenomenal, and they built it identical to the original house. I think that's going to be fun for people.

Arquette: I got to work with my father in "Scream 2," so that was amazing, to be able to share a screen with him before he passed.

"Scream" premieres exclusively in theaters on Friday, January 14, with early screenings taking place on Thursday.