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The Sex And The City Scene That Went Too Far

In 1998 when "Sex and the City" began, it took a different and empowering approach to women's experiences when it came to dating and romantic relationships. In the process, it also emphasized the power of sisterhood. The best part was that it did all that with cheeky humor and explicit sexual situations.

The show fearlessly portrayed complex situations with a tinge of fun to take the edge off. Fans vividly remember the time when Carrie willingly became a witness to her neighbors' unabashed sex, Miranda's (Cynthia Nixon) encounters with men with sexual quirks, and Charlotte's (Kristin Davis) attempt to spice up her sex life with a tantric sex workshop. Samantha (Kim Cattrall), of course, was always known for her raunchy flair recounting her sexual experiences.

These aspects of the show placed it way ahead of its time. It was not perfect, but it devoted more time to intimate scenes from the lens of a woman. Noble in its approach, the show still found itself in risqué situations that begged the question: how much was too much? And while there are several contenders that can make the cut, Nixon thinks that one scene definitely took the cake.

Miranda's drunk sex scene with a cop edited out a graphic detail

On the talk show "Late Night With Conan O'Brien" Nixon admitted that of all the scenes with a bizarre sexual element, one of her scenes went too far — so much so that it didn't even make the air. In the episode, "What Goes Around Comes Around" in Season 3, Carrie gets robbed and Miranda finds herself on a date with Detective Stevens (Timothy Gibbs) who is helping Carrie. Intimidated by how handsome Stevens is, Miranda drinks to calm her nerves. Miranda gets extremely drunk and the two end up spending the night together (in and of itself, very problematic), and Stevens leaves her with the number of her local AA chapter.

Nixon explained that the script originally had Miranda vomit all over Detective Steven while they were having sex. "It was so skillfully done by our prop department...because it was projectile," Nixon explained to O'Brien, elaborating that they used a hose to spout beef stew. Nixon admitted that she enjoyed filming the scene, even calling it  "one of my favorite things that I've ever filmed." 

In the end, the scene was considered a little too graphic, even for the "Sex and the City" audiences, and was cut out of the episode. Though Detective Stevens was never heard from again, this was far from the end of Miranda's sexual adventures. After all these years, "And Just Like That," the "Sex and the City" spinoff has thrown Miranda a curveball as she tries to navigate her newly found romance in the form of Che Diaz (Sara Ramirez), a non-binary podcast host.