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The Boys Season 3 Is Going To Heat Up Your Summer With Laser Vision

Throughout its 16-episodes-and-counting run Amazon Prime Video, the brutal, insanely bloody, anti-superhero bonanza "The Boys" has devoted itself to, and largely succeeded in giving a savagely satirical middle finger to the superhero realm. In doing so, it's also boldly redefined what superhero stories can be. At the center of the tale are a corporate-sponsored team of supers, and the (mostly) not-superpowered crew of vigilantes out to expose that team as the rotten-to-the-core gang of villains they (mostly) are.  

Over the course of the show's first two seasons, those factions have battled to the tune of more vile acts, gory dismemberments, exploding heads, and uncomfortable sex stuff than your average grindhouse flick. While The Boys aren't quite back in town just yet, fans of Amazon's stylish, shock-a-minute deconstruction of superhero mythos will be happy to learn they soon will be. And per a just-released teaser for Season 3 of "The Boys," Hughie (Jack Quaid), Homelander (Antony Starr), Butcher (Karl Urban), and the rest of the gang will be burning up the streaming realm with fresh tales of not-so-heroic superheroes this summer.

Things are gonna get crazier than ever in the third season of The Boys

Regarding the unsettling teaser for the third season of "The Boys," it barely alludes to the hyper-violent insanity the show undoubtedly has in store for Season 3. Rather, it finds the Seven's head honchos Starlight (Erin Moriarty) and Homelander (Starr) posing for publicity photos, no doubt designed to help rehabilitate the now tarnished reputation of the team. As the brief clip unfolds, it slow-zooms in on the dastardly super himself, whose rage is barely contained behind a painted-on smile. And once that smile fades, it's clear Homelander is far from done with his days as a villain hiding in plain sight.

Just what that means for Season 3 of "The Boys" remains to be seen, as little has been confirmed regarding the new season's plot. After the shocking Season 2 finale, however, there are plenty of threads for the series' creative team to weave in the coming episodes. But what we can expect is that all of the characters who've so far managed to survive the fray should be back for the coming carnage.

They'll be joined by a few new faces too, with "Supernatural" alum Jensen Ackles coming aboard as the O.G. super Soldier Boy, and Kristen Booth and Jack Doolan appearing as the powerful TNT Twins. And we honestly cannot wait to see what they bring to the already bonkers world of "The Boys" when Season 3 hits Amazon Prime Video on June 3, 2022.