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Which Spider-Man: No Way Home Actors Are The Richest?

To call "Spider-Man: No Way Home" the most successful film of 2021 would be a gross understatement. Tom Holland's third solo outing as Peter Parker smashed pandemic era opening weekend records when it swung into cineplexes in December, besting "Venom: Let There Be Carnage" by a considerable distance. It was Sony's biggest ever opening and the third biggest of all time, with only Marvel's "Avengers: Infinity War" and "Avengers: Endgame" earning more. "This weekend's historic results, from all over the world and in the face of many challenges, reaffirm the unmatched cultural impact that exclusive theatrical films can have when they are made and marketed with vision and resolve," Sony exec Tom Rothman told The Hollywood Reporter.

The highly-anticipated Marvel Cinematic Universe entry generated over $600 million globally when it debuted. That's more money than any of the cast members have individually, though it may surprise you to know that some of them are worth nine figures on their own. Which "Spider-Man: No Way Home" actors are the wealthiest? Read on to find out, but beware: spoilers ahead.

Charlie Cox isn't a big spender

Fans of Netflix's "Daredevil" breathed a sigh of relief when Kevin Feige confirmed that Charlie Cox would reprise the role of Matt Murdock should the character ever appear in an MCU movie. Few expected this to happen in "Spider-Man: No Way Home," a film already jam-packed with characters, but Peter Parker needed a good lawyer following the events of "Spider-Man: Far From Home," and he got one in Murdock. It was little more than a cameo appearance, but it set up a big future for Cox, who is likely in for a significant pay raise.

There's been a lot of online speculation over how much Cox got paid for "Daredevil." When the show debuted in 2015, The Hollywood Reporter estimated that "bigger stars can earn $150,000 to topline a series in its first season." Speaking to New York's Daily News the following year, Cox insisted he wasn't earning the big bucks. "I'm not a big star so you can't demand those huge paychecks when you sign on," he said. "I do fine, no complaints. No residuals on Netflix of course so that's ... part of their brilliant business."

Cox often takes pay cuts to star in plays and smaller projects, but he's always been careful with the money he does earn. "To be honest I'm not a big spender," he said. "I hate cabs, I take public transport everywhere." The economical Brit has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Alfred Molina has over 200 film and TV credits

He has plied his trade on everything from "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and "Boogie Night" to "Magnolia" and "The Da Vinci Code," but Alfred Molina is probably best known for his turn as Dr. Otto Octavius (aka Doctor Octopus) in 2004's "Spider-Man 2." He reprised the role in "Spider-Man: No Way Home," in which Peter Parker tinkers with one of Doctor Strange's spells and accidentally summons a bunch of villains from different Spidey universes. When asked why he wanted to reprise the role of Doc Ock in the MCU, Molina (jokingly, we're assuming) said: "For me, it's just about the money."

Molina has over 200 onscreen credits to his name, but he has never been one of Hollywood's huge earners. In 2018, the actor told the Financial Times that one of his ambitions in life was "To be absolutely free of debt, not owe a single penny anywhere." This cause was likely helped by the sale of his four-bedroom Los Angeles home, which he put on the market for $2.95 million the previous year. He moved into the Sunset Square house back in 1995, paying $565,000 for the 4,420 square-foot pad. In the end, he accepted a slightly lower offer — it went for $2.8 million, the Los Angeles Times confirmed. Molina is now estimated to have a net worth of at least $8 million.

Andrew Garfield says Spider-Man movies are all about money

Unlike the other two Spider-Men featured in "Spider-Man: No Way Home," Andrew Garfield only got to star as Marvel's wallcrawler twice: 2012's "The Amazing Spider-Man," and the 2014 sequel, "The Amazing Spider-Man 2." A third film was planned, but it didn't materialize and Garfield never got his trilogy. What he did get, however, was a nice payday. According to International Business Times, the Brit pocketed $500,000 for his first outing as Spidey and then made double that amount for the follow-up. He's rumored to have been paid a straight million dollars to reprise the role in the MCU, though Garfield was never in it for the money.

Speaking to The Guardian in 2021, the actor recalled the "heartbreaking" moment he realized money is all that matters when it comes to Spider-Man movies. "There are millions of dollars at stake, and that's what guides the ship," he said. "It was a big awakening, and it hurt." His stock has increased since his Oscar-nominated turn in "Hacksaw Ridge," though he still has a backup plan in place. "If I can't make money in other ways, I will charge people for me to whisper in their ear, 'You better lawyer up, a**hole,'" he joked during a BuzzFeed interview, referencing a key line from 2010's "The Social Network." At the time of this writing, he's reportedly worth $13 million.

Zendaya still worries about her finances

Emmy-winning actor and singer Zendaya broke through on the Disney Channel and has appeared in some sizable movies since coming of age, including "The Greatest Showman" and, of course, the MCU "Spider-Man" films. She's a vital part of the picture as MJ, though she knows that Hollywood can be a fickle place. "The hope is to have a career where you can be in a position, financially, to just do things you want to do because you enjoy the work and not have to worry about the other things," she told British Vogue (via Yahoo!). "But I'm always like, 'I will always need to work.' Because if I don't work, then everything can be gone tomorrow."

It would take quite a disaster for Zendaya's fortune to disappear overnight. According to Entity magazine, she made over a million dollars from her numerous Disney projects and "earned roughly $345,000" when she came in second on "Dancing with the Stars" in 2013. She was paid $300,000 for her relatively small role in Denis Villeneuve's "Dune" according to reports, and she's set to play a much larger part in the upcoming sequel: She confirmed during a Deadline interview that she'll "be [on set] for longer" this time around. She has signed multiple endorsement deals ("Zendaya's been the face of brands like CoverGirl, Chi Hair Care, and Lancôme," noted Seventeen), and, all in all, is believed to be worth around $15 million.

Tom Holland has been investing his money

According to International Business Times, Tom Holland was paid $250,000 for 2016's "Captain America: Civil War," his debut appearance as Peter Parker. When he fronted his first standalone film, 2017's "Spider-Man: Homecoming," his official pay was reportedly set at $500,000, though it's claimed he pocketed $1.5 million after bonuses. His pay is said to have been bumped to $4 million for "Spider-Man: Far From Home," and he apparently received at least that amount for "Spider-Man: No Way Home," with some reports suggesting he got as much as $7 million, plus a share of the box office. Add in his other Marvel appearances (he reportedly made $3 million for "Avengers: Endgame") and it's no wonder he has a sizable fortune for a young actor: Holland is worth approximately $18 million.

What does a guy like Tom Holland do with all that money? According to the British press, a lot of it is tied up. "Documents filed by his company Tom Holland Ltd confirm that as well as investments of £4.8 million ($6.4 million), the London lad is sitting on £517,086 ($692,248) in cash," The Sun revealed in December 2021. "He has a further £3.1 million ($4.2 million) in a second company, which is called Acre 1223 Ltd, and another £1.4 million ($1.9 million) in a company by the name of Joey Frost Ltd." The tabloid also claimed that the actor received a bonus worth around $4 million before "Spider-Man: No Way Home."

J.K. Simmons flips L.A. mansions

He won an Oscar for his turn as intense music instructor Terence Fletcher in "Whiplash," but to Spider-Man fans, J.K. Simmons will always be J. Jonah Jameson. He played the Daily Bugle editor to perfection in Sam Raimi's trilogy, and Marvel brought him back as Jameson in the MCU prior to "Spider-Man: No Way Home." It's the role he's best known for, but Simmons has played hundreds of characters over the years, amassing a net worth of $20 million along the way. Some of that sizable fortune came from property sales, reports have revealed.

Simmons relocated from New York to Los Angeles with his wife (actor Michelle Schumacher) in 2003, snapping up a two-story, five-bedroom house for $1.45 million. He sold the house for $1.585 million in 2009, the Los Angeles Times confirmed. The newspaper later noticed that the actor appeared to be flipping properties in the area; he bought a seven-bedroom mansion in Del Mar for $3.94 million and then listed it for sale at $4,495,000 less than a year later, a report from 2016 confirms.

When there was a rush on luxury properties in New York in 2019 (something The New York Times attributed to the introduction of a so-called "mansion tax"), Simmons was among the celebs who made a move. The actor laid down $6.3 million for "a full-floor, 3,056-square-foot unit at 16 University Place, a new boutique condo just a block from Union Square," said The Times. 

Another money-making venture for Simmons? In a 2021 interview on the podcast "10 Questions with Kyle Brandt," he credited his voice work as the Yellow M&M (a gig he took over from John Goodman in 1996) for being one of the most profitable (and steady) jobs of his career — and, it sounds like, the one that set him up for all this real estate flipping. "The M&M gig came along and quickly became that stable thing that allowed me the freedom and kind of the weight off the shoulders as I'm getting married, buying a house, contemplating fatherhood," he explained. "It gave me the freedom, peace of mind and the ability once the kids came along to say no to a job that was going to take me away from my family for eight weeks."

Marisa Tomei won the lottery when her neighbors moved

Marisa Tomei has come a long way since making her feature-length debut in the cult '80s superhero flick "The Toxic Avenger" but, in her opinion, she could have gone a lot further. "I'm a leading actress caught in a supporting actress vortex," she told The Guardian in 2017, getting candid about Hollywood's gender pay gap. "We need parity, both in availability of work and our compensation for that work," she said. The Oscar winner ("My Cousin Vinny") has never fallen out of love with acting, however, and her hard work has left her in a very comfortable position financially: Tomei has a net worth of $25 million.

Playing an aged-down version of  Aunt May in the MCU has boosted that sum, but Tomei is also a New York landlord. She's owned the same place in the city for two decades, though it was a lot smaller when she bought it. When the people next door moved out, the actor purchased their apartment and knocked the dividing walls down. "In New York, when an opportunity like that comes along, it's like winning the lottery," she told Elle Decor. "Who could resist?"

According to Celebrity Net Worth, she almost sold the place for $7.5 million in 2018 but had a change of heart and now rents it out for $12,000 per month.

Willem Dafoe reportedly takes advantage of Italy's Golden Visa

Willem Dafoe gave a memorable performance as Norman Osborn (aka Green Goblin) in the Tobey Maguire-led "Spider-Man" trilogy, and he wasn't impressed when Sony rebooted the franchise with Andrew Garfield so quickly. "I thought, 'This is sort of a cynical approach to making money,'" he told Total Film (via NME). Money talks, however, and Dafoe was happy to reprise his role of Osborn in "Spider-Man: No Way Home" in 2021. Not that he needed the cash: he's reportedly worth $40 million, thanks largely to the four-time Oscar nominee's steadily in demand film career. He's been nominated for Best Actor in a Supporting Role on three occasions, and he got a nod in the Best Actor category in 2019 (impressing with his turn as Vincent van Gogh in "At Eternity's Gate").

Dafoe reportedly pays taxes in Italy (he apparently takes advantage of the country's "Golden Visa"). His wife — the actor, director, and screenwriter Giada Colagrande — is Italian, and Dafoe splits his time between Rome and New York. He sold a property in the Big Apple for $435,000 back in 2012, and he upgraded again when he unloaded his West Village apartment for $2.87 million in 2016. "Dafoe and his wife, Giada Colagrande, have since moved into a grander, $3.99 million, two-bedroom, two-bath penthouse co-op," the New York Post revealed.

Benedict Cumberbatch reportedly got a pay rise ahead of Doctor Strange 2

Benedict Cumberbatch was already making good money when he was cast as Doctor Stephen Strange in the MCU. He became known to American audiences playing the lead in the hit BBC series "Sherlock," which made him "over $500,000 per season," according to Luxatic

In terms of pre-Marvel movie appearances, Cumberbatch reportedly made close to a million dollars ($946,000 to be exact) for "Black Mass," and he's said to have been paid $1.2 million to play Alan Turing in "The Imitation Game," for which he received an Oscar nomination. Other early paydays include "Starter for Ten" ($246,000) and "12 Years a Slave" ($230,000), though these kinds of fees pale in comparison to the money he makes playing Marvel's Sorcerer Supreme.

In December 2021, Hollywood insider Matt Belloni claimed (via Screen Rant) that Cumberbatch had hammered out a deal that will see him earn $7.5 million for the upcoming sequel "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness," plus some box office kickbacks. If true, it's a nice pay rise for the Brit, who reportedly made $5.5 million for his work on the first movie. Outside of film, he's been paid to promote everything from luxury watches to cars, and (per Luxatic) the actor pulls in around $300,000 a year from endorsement deals alone. All in all, Cumberbatch is worth around $40 million.

Tobey Maguire is the richest Spider-Man

According to International Business Times, Tobey Maguire was paid $4 million for his first outing as Peter Parker, 2002's "Spider-Man." The Sam Raimi film was a box office smash, and when negotiations over the sequel (2004's "Spider-Man 2") began, Maguire asked for a piece of the pie. On top of an increased flat fee of $17.5 million, the actor reportedly secured 5% of the overall takings (which equated to just under $40 million, going by Box Office Mojo numbers). His upfront pay apparently dropped to $15 million for "Spider-Man 3," but he's said to have secured a bigger cut of the takings, with 7.5% of the $895 million haul reportedly set aside for the star (that's over $67 million).

Maguire also famously made a lot of money at poker tables. Court documents state that he took $311,300 from Brad Ruderman (the CEO of Ruderman Capital Partners, who got jailed for gambling with clients' money), and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Maguire was part of a star-studded, twice-weekly poker game in Hollywood that ran for three years, and (per RadarOnline) he was banking as much as a million dollars a month in winnings. "[Maguire] was the worst tipper, the best player, and the absolute worst loser," game organizer Molly Brown wrote in her memoir (via Page Six).

Some reports say that Maguire was paid a straight million dollars to reprise his role in "Spider-Man: No Way Home." His net worth is $75 million.

Jon Favreau is Disney's golden boy

Jon Favreau's second directorial effort became a modern Christmas classic, but 2003's "Elf" hasn't really contributed to his overall fortune, he told the British magazine Look in 2014. "'Elf,' which shows every year here, when I look at the paperwork, it's not making a profit yet," the actor-director-producer said (via the Mirror). "'Iron Man,' that's a different story." Favreau has become Disney's golden boy since kickstarting the Marvel Cinematic Universe with 2008's "Iron Man." He helmed the highly lucrative live-action remakes of "The Jungle Book" and "The Lion King," making billions for the House of Mouse, and he's the mastermind behind the hit Disney+ show, "The Mandalorian."

Favreau is said to be worth around $100 million in total, and some reports suggest that half of that fortune can be attributed to his Marvel work. Studio insiders confirmed to Deadline that Favreau was offered "a higher fee" to direct "Iron Man 2," which he also produced. In fact, he's been an executive producer on every "Iron Man" and "Avengers" movie to date. Of course, he also features in the MCU as Happy Hogan, earning his latest appearance fee for a turn in "Spider-Man: No Way Home." He spent some of his sizable fortune (precisely $5.25 million of it, per The Hollywood Reporter) on a Venice aquarium in 2016, which he then transformed into a new HQ for his production company, Fairview Entertainment.

Jamie Foxx is the richest Spider-Man: No Way Home cast member by some distance

At the top of the list sits Jamie Foxx, who, with a net worth of $150 million, is the richest "Spider-Man: No Way Home" cast member by far. He reprised his role of Max Dillon (aka Electro) in the film, seven years after he debuted as the character in "The Amazing Spider-Man 2." He's a Grammy-winning musician and an Oscar-winning actor, best known for the Ray Charles biopic "Ray" (for which he scooped up Best Actor) and "Django Unchained," Quentin Tarantino's bloody revisionist Western. According to Black Enterprise, Foxx has commanded an upfront fee of $10 million "ever since he did 2006's 'Miami Vice.'"

According to Variety, Foxx used his "Miami Vice" money to buy Claddaugh Farms, a sprawling 40-acre property in rural California with a 10-bedroom Mediterranean estate home in the middle. He grows avocados on the land, as does his neighbor, Tom Selleck. "I've got about 2,100 trees," Selleck revealed (via Contact Music). "Jamie has more." When Foxx isn't making money from music or movies (or growing avocados), he's making it on TV. According to Observer, he earns $3 million a year as the host of the Fox game show "Beat Shazam," which he's been fronting since 2017. Foxx also likes to earn a few extra bucks via endorsement deals, promoting everything from cryptocurrencies to betting companies to a recent series of Intel ads alongside his daughter Corinne Foxx.