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The Best Neo And Trinity Moments In The Matrix

2021's "The Matrix Resurrections" doesn't just feature the return of the beloved sci-fi action franchise, but also of its major power couple, as Keanu Reeves and Carrie Ann-Moss reprise their roles as Neo and Trinity, respectively. The love story between the two characters is an integral part of the original Matrix trilogy: while neither survives "The Matrix Revolutions," the fourth Matrix film lives up to its name by showing both of them alive and well, albeit once again trapped in the Matrix with no conscious memory of their previous lives or each other.

As promotional material for the movie has already revealed that Neo's and Trinity's paths are crossing again, it seems like a fitting time to go down the rabbit hole once more and revisit some of their best moments from the first three Matrix films. Just make sure to have that red pill handy, but don't worry: saying "bye-bye" to Kansas isn't a requirement for reading this list.

Neo and Trinity meet

Intrigued by the mysterious messages he's been receiving on his computer, Thomas Anderson, who goes by the hacker name "Neo," obeys instructions to "follow the white rabbit" — which he correctly interprets as a rabbit tattoo on the shoulder of his friend Dujour. He goes with Dujour, her boyfriend Choi, and their friends to a nightclub, where he's approached by Trinity for the first time. Neo is stunned, as Trinity is well-known in hacker circles for having infiltrated the IRS database and deduces that she's the one who has been messaging him. When Neo asks how she's doing it, Trinity tells him she doesn't have time to explain, but she gives him a cryptic warning: "They're watching you, Neo." She then comes closer to speak into his ear, telling him she knows he's been looking for Morpheus and the answer to the question, "What is the Matrix?"

Right from the get-go, a certain romantic tension between the two characters is established, as evidenced in particular by their body language while they're talking. It's a key example of Trinity's importance to the Matrix saga, as she's the one who leads Neo to everything else that lies ahead of him. Without this scene, Neo might have stayed in the digital world of the Matrix forever.

Trinity and the Nebuchadnezzar crew pick up Neo

Shortly after Neo's interrogated by Agents in "The Matrix," he wakes up in his bed, as if nothing ever happened. His landline then rings and it's Morpheus, who explains Neo's "the One" and tells him to wait for him at the Adams Street Bridge. There Neo is picked up via car by Trinity, who's with Switch and Apoc. Switch then points a gun at Neo, which Trinity explains is to protect the three strangers from him, and Switch tells him to remove his shirt. Neo tries to leave, but Trinity persuades him to change his mind, reminding him that if he goes, he'll never get the answers to his questions. Trinity then pulls out a large extraction device that sucks out the cybernetic creature the Agents stuck in Neo's body to spy on him.

The scene establishes Trinity as somebody Neo can trust, essentially taking the first step in strengthening their bond. It also reveals to Neo that the Matrix is more outlandish than he believes: while he remembers the Agents putting the robot bug into him, he previously dismisses it as having just been a dream. He now knows that "dream" is frighteningly real — well, as real as things get in the Matrix, anyway.

Trinity and Neo talk about the Oracle

After going through no small number of training programs, Neo is taken to see the Oracle. While on the way there, Neo expresses his bewilderment over how his entire life before being freed from the Matrix was fabricated, which Trinity interprets as a sign that the Matrix cannot define an individual. Neo then asks whether the Oracle technically does the same thing, to which Trinity simply replies, "That's different." Neo then asks if Trinity's ever talked to the Oracle, which she confirms, but as she hesitates over whether to tell Neo what the prophetic program told her, Morpheus intervenes, telling them they've arrived.

Though perhaps not as evident on first viewing, the scene sets up Trinity's big reveal later in the movie, where she states that the Oracle foresaw she'd fall for Neo. It also raises interesting questions over the idea of fate and destiny, as Neo, a person who doesn't believe in fate, questions to what extent the Oracle and the Matrix truly are different. Furthermore, Trinity replies to the word "God" with "What?" as she does in the nightclub when Neo says "Jesus," lending to certain fan theories that Trinity's name might be a little more literal than some might expect.

Cypher threatens Trinity with killing Neo

Freed from the Matrix and having undergone Morpheus' various training programs, Neo embarks on his first mission with his crewmates of the Nebuchadnezzar. Yet they realize something's amiss when Neo spots the same black cat walk by twice: signs of a glitch. Realizing they've been set up, Neo and the others barely escape a group of Agents and SWAT police, but Morpheus is captured by Agent Smith. Worse still, the crew soon learns it's been betrayed by one of their own, Cypher, so he can be reinserted into the Matrix with no memory of having been freed. After exiting the Matrix early and killing nearly everyone on the ship still jacked into the Matrix, Cypher then taunts Trinity with killing Neo, as he's supposedly the prophesied "One" meant to save humanity from machine control. He then tells Trinity to look into Neo's eyes and answer whether or not she thinks he's the One. Trinity says "yes," right before Tank, the Nebuchadnezzar's operator who Cypher left for dead, kills Cypher.

You can cut the scene's tension with a knife. It's also important to Trinity's development, as her revelation that she does believe in the One is not only rooted in her faith in Morpheus and the Oracle but also because she feels herself falling in love with Neo, as prophesied.

Neo and Trinity prepare to save Morpheus

Reeling from Cypher's betrayal, Neo, Trinity, and Tank ponder just how best to handle Morpheus' captivity. Tank suggests prematurely disconnecting Morpheus before he's inevitably forced to reveal Zion's access codes to the Matrix. As that option would kill Morpheus, Neo talks Tank out of it, telling him and Trinity he's not the One — to which Trinity strongly disagrees — and that he plans to rescue Morpheus (not revealing it's been prophesied to kill him). While Neo intends to go by himself, Trinity invites herself on the mission, calling rank when Neo objects, as Morpheus' absence makes her the Nebuchadnezzar's captain. The two then enter the Construct, where with Tank's help, they begin gathering weapons to mount their daring rescue.

Though an excellent moment for all the characters involved, it's an especially great display of Neo and Trinity's growing chemistry, showing that while Trinity does have faith in Neo, she's also more than willing to assert herself and take command. Some of the most famous lines in "The Matrix," including Neo's "Guns. Lots of guns," and his response to Trinity's observation that no human has ever tried such a rescue operation on the Agents before ("That's why it's going to work") also originate here.

The lobby shootout

The moment Neo's feet are seen stepping past the revolving doors of the building where Morpheus is being kept, viewers know things are about to get heavy. When he sets off the lobby's metal detectors, Neo shows no hesitation in showing the security guards all the guns strapped to his body, which he begins using with the expected results. Trinity quickly joins him, and their murder of everyone at lobby security attracts the attention of several highly armed SWAT officers. A hail of gunfire and exploding debris ensues.

To say Neo and Trinity's lobby gunfight set a new standard in movie action sequences is an understatement. While many of the other moments they share together focus on their growing feelings for one another, this scene is all about how well they work as a team. It's one of the most iconic sequences in "The Matrix" by far, with incredible effects and stunts that hold up to this day.

Trinity and Neo fight Agent Jones

Things escalate in "The Matrix" when Neo and Trinity reach the top of the building, where one of the SWAT cops transforms into Agent Jones. Neo empties both his guns trying to shoot Jones but can't keep up with the Agent's beyond-human reflexes. When Jones fires back, Neo is shockingly able to dodge bullets as the Agent can but only succeeds in evading a few before he's hit twice. Jones then approaches and stands over Neo, ready to make the killing shot, only to feel Trinity's gun against his temple right before the Nebuchadnezzar's acting captain squeezes the trigger.

It's a Neo-Trinity moment that has a little bit of everything, from high-stakes action to even some humor when Neo shouts "Trinity! Help!" in a panic. The levity doesn't even feel out of place in what is an otherwise dramatic scene, culminating in one of Trinity's coolest lines in the movie, "Dodge this," as she temporarily neutralizes Jones. The scene establishes that Neo and Trinity always have each other's back and begins Neo's journey toward accessing the true power he has as the One.

Trinity admits she loves Neo

Right after Morpheus exits the Matrix, Trinity, thinking she and Neo are alone, tries to tell him about what the Oracle prophesied for her. She doesn't quite get the words out before returning to the Nebuchadnezzar, however, and to her horror, she sees Agent Smith approaching right as she leaves Neo. Smith destroys the phone receiver that could've let Neo escape, giving him no choice but to face the Agent. Worse still, Sentinels attack the Nebuchadnezzar, limiting the time Neo has to escape before his friends activate their electromagnetic pulse weapon. 

After pursuing him with Agents Jones and Brown, Smith then shoots Neo multiple times, seemingly killing him. Trinity, still holding hope, whispers to Neo's body in the real world that the Oracle had foretold Trinity would fall in love with him. She then kisses Neo passionately, after which his body miraculously becomes responsive again. Within the Matrix, Neo's avatar also resuscitates and destroys Smith from within, causing Jones and Brown to flee in a panic. Neo then finds another phone receiver and awakens right before the E.M.P. is triggered, shutting down both the Sentinels and the ship. Neo and Trinity then kiss each other, officially beginning a relationship.

It's a stunning payoff that arrives literally down to the wire. Had Neo stayed jacked into the Matrix a moment longer, the E.M.P. would have disconnected his mind from his body, dooming both Zion and any chance he and Trinity would've had of being together.

Neo learns Trinity's destined to die

Just like in "The Matrix," its sequel, "The Matrix Reloaded," begins with a stunning Trinity action sequence. Right after she subdues a number of security guards at an undisclosed location, however, the scene cuts to Trinity bursting through a window at the top of a building, then turning as she falls to shoot at an Agent firing his own weapons at her. Trinity loses the gunfight, however, when one of the Agent Thompson's bullets hits her stomach, causing her eyes to go wide — just before she lands right through a car.

It turns out to be a nightmare Neo's having. While Trinity asks him about it, noticing his sleep has generally been troubled of late, Neo, not yet realizing he can see the future like the Oracle, dismisses his nightmare and other dreams he's recently had as nothing important, although he clearly fears he might be wrong. Trinity's worry for his wellbeing is on display here, while Neo's reluctance to tell Trinity about his nightmare can be read as both him not wanting to worry her (when it really could just be nothing) and him not wanting to accept the idea that there may be more to these "dreams" after all.

Persephone's kiss

To rescue the Keymaker, Trinity, Neo and Morpheus visit the Merovingian, the Keymaker's kidnapper and a powerful program within the Matrix's criminal underworld. Persephone, the Merovingian's wife (who's tired of his infidelity), takes a particular interest in the love Neo and Trinity have for each other, explaining that such passion left her own relationship long ago. 

Hungry to again experience the sensation of love, Persephone offers to release the Keymaker on one condition: that Neo kiss Persephone as he would Trinity. Both Neo and Trinity are taken aback, with the latter threatening to shoot Persephone for making such a suggestion. Yet realizing the fate of Zion and the rest of humankind is at stake, Trinity and Neo reluctantly agree to Persephone's conditions. Though difficult for both of them, the scene shows how much Neo and Trinity love each other, as they refuse to allow Persephone's kiss to negatively impact their relationship.

Neo saves Trinity from death

Though Neo doesn't tell Trinity about the visions he's been having where she's killed, he does manage to convince her to stay out of Resistance's mission to reach the Source. Yet Trinity goes in anyway once the crew of the Vigilant, who's tasked with helping the Logos' crew shut down all electricity in the area, are killed by Sentinels. Though Trinity completes the crew's mission, she soon runs into Agent Thompson, as it becomes increasingly clear Neo's dream is about to come true.

Meanwhile, Neo finds one last obstacle standing in his way to reaching the Source: the Matrix's creator, the Architect. After revealing the purpose of the One is to keep the Matrix going, rather than free humanity, Neo is then shown Trinity, who's fighting the Agent who will later shoot her. The Architect gives Neo two options: either proceed to the Source, thus saving Zion, or rescue Trinity, which the Architect claims will doom the human race. Regardless, Neo chooses Trinity, arriving in time to catch her, yet she succumbs to her gun wound — that is until Neo phases his arm through her body and manually restarts her heart. The two then passionately kiss.

It's Neo and Trinity's biggest romantic scene in "The Matrix Reloaded," and a shining example of their deep love for one another. It's even enough for Neo to risk Armageddon, although as fans of the "Matrix" film know, he has a certain habit of challenging prophecies.

Neo and Trinity fight Bane

Neo wakes up in the real world almost immediately after Bane, the only survivor of a failed Resistance attack against the machines. When interrogated about what happened, however, Bane gives erratic and noncommittal responses. Unbeknownst to the Resistance, Smith has taken over Bane's mind and killed everyone involved in the botched assault by disabling their ships with an E.M.P. 

When Trinity and Neo are in the Logos preparing to leave for the Machine City, Bane, who's snuck aboard, lures Trinity to him by causing a minor power outage in the ship. After getting Neo to drop his Lightning Rifle by using Trinity as a human shield, Bane traps Trinity on the floor below and points the rifle at Neo. Trinity, thankfully, shuts off the lights at just the right time, allowing Neo to dodge the weapon's blast and wrestle it away from Bane. Things look dire for Neo afterward when Bane burns his eyes with electricity from a fractured cable, but Neo uses his new powers to find Smith by his aura, then kills Bane by clubbing his head. Neo then lets Trinity out, who's shocked by her lover's injuries, yet Neo still finds levity in the situation by stating Trinity will have to pilot the Logos to Zion.

It's an incredibly intense moment for the two characters in "The Matrix Revolutions," as well as their first action team-up in the real world, rather than the Matrix. Though Trinity's limited by her confinement, her actions unquestionably save Neo's life.

Trinity sees the sun

Though the threat of Bane/Smith has been neutralized, the stakes get significantly larger for Trinity and Neo once they enter the Machine City. Swarms of Sentinel attack robots assault the Logos, and while Neo is able to destroy a number of them with his special new abilities, they become too plentiful for even him to handle. Realizing there may be another way to handle the Sentinels, Neo tells Trinity to take the Logos up, and their tentacled assailants quickly become victim to the electrical chaos within the clouds. When the Logos finally reaches the blue part of the sky, Trinity sees the sun for the very first time in her life.

It's a poignant, last reward for the character, calling back to Morpheus' explanation in "The Matrix" that humans blotted out the sun long before Trinity's lifetime. Without even meaning to, Neo has given Trinity a gift in the middle of their battle for survival. 

Trinity's demise

As incredible as Trinity's first view of the sun is, there's just one problem: the electrical storm they passed on the way up has shorted out the Logos. Trinity tries reigniting the ship as it falls, following Neo's instructions, but the craft restarts too far down and collides into a tower within the Machine City. Neo, who's been knocked to the floor, finds his way to Trinity, grasping her hand and telling her how incredible the city looks in his new spectrum of vision. Trinity helps him realize, however, that she's been fatally wounded by several cables that have impaled her body. Trinity tells Neo he has to continue the mission regardless and thanks him for saving her life in "The Matrix Reloaded," as it's given her the chance to tell him how in love she is with him and how much their time together has meant to her. Then, at Trinity's request, Neo kisses her one last time, touching her face as she passes on.

It's an excruciating final moment between the two of them, yet Trinity at least still gets the satisfaction of both getting to express her feelings toward Neo again and getting him within climbing distance of Deus Ex Machina, overlord to the machines. She's just as important to Zion's salvation as Neo is, and the two couldn't have done it without each other.