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The Correct Order In Which To Watch The Detective Conan Franchise

"Detective Conan" is arguably one of the most popular series in Japan. It even has a train station named after it near creator Gosho Aoyama's home town. The series began in 1994, and is still ongoing, with an anime that begins two years later. 

With over 1,000 episodes, beginning "Detective Conan" may seem like an impossible task, especially when trying to decide which episodes are canon — meaning they are present in the manga and further the main plot — and which ones are merely filler. A good chunk of the anime is filler, and it is entirely up to the viewer to watch them, though such episodes often offer fun and easygoing mysteries that give more personality to the characters. 

It can be overwhelming with so much content. In addition to the main story, there are movies, OVAs, short stories, Magic Files, drama specials, and an anime for Kaito Kid, the Phantom Thief. Luckily, this list will provide everything fans need to know.

To Episode 173

The "Detective Conan" journey should begin with Episode 1; it is important to see Shinchi Kudo shrink into Conan, as it sets up the main plot. After watching Conan discreetly solve crimes — using Kogoro Mouri as a mouthpiece — for 54 episodes, viewers should try "The Time-Bombed Skyscraper," the first movie. 

The story then continues from Episodes 55 to 97. More than half of this portion is filler, but there are exciting cases, including an homage to "Dracula." After 97, be sure to see the second film, "The Fourteenth Target." 

Episodes 98 to 140 conclude the "Conan" arc and start the "Haibara" arc, introducing Ai Haibara, a girl like Conan who happens to be Sherry, the creator of the poison. This is where the series becomes more intense, bringing Conan closer to the Black Organization. The third film, "The Last Wizard of the Century," features Kaito Kid and Heiji Hatori, the latter of whom helps Conan stop Kid from stealing a priceless faberge egg. 

Just before finishing up the Haibara arc, be sure to watch the series' first OVA. Then, try Gosho Aoyama's Conan-centric short stories, "Detective George," "Ten Planets, Play It Again," and "Making of Conan." 

To Episode 275

The next bunch of episodes finishes up the second arc and starts the third, which is considerably more dangerous for Conan and Ai as they meet the Black Organization and almost die. The next seven stories are filler, but there is an interesting two-part case with arrows and a murdered actor. "Captured in Her Eyes," the fourth film in the series takes place after 186, and while Conan solves the case, Ran Mouri is the one who puts a stop to the murderous perpetrator. 

The next 44 episodes continue Conan's journey, and though there is a handful of filler, the two-hour "Phantom Thief" special makes it all worth it. The fifth movie, "Countdown to Heaven" is the first one to feature the Black Organization. Though these movies are not considered canon, the addition of Gin and Vodka make it feel like a long episode, especially as they target Sherry.

From Episodes 232 to 262, viewers are introduced to both Vermouth and Jodie Saintemillion, both highly suspicious characters. Though fans will be eager to find out more, there is another OVA that takes place in a villa mentioned in the third movie. 

Continue with the Vermouth arc until episode 275, then dive into movie 6, "The Phantom of Baker Street," which gives detective geeks a taste of Sherlock Games, as well as suicides, murders, and kidnappings.

To Episode 396

Watch Episodes 276 to 303, taking special notice of the three-part special about Shinichi's New York case (the characters in it will become important). Afterwards, the third OVA brings Conan and Ran to Osaka to help Heiji and Kazuha Tomoya find the secret base of some jewel thieves. 

The next segment is only 12 episodes, starting off with a two-hour special that gives some insight into officer Miwako Sato's past. To make matters better, viewers will only need to watch two episodes of filler before the seventh movie. "Crossroad in the Ancient Capital" features a serial-killing samurai, as well as flashbacks that connect to the present case. 

Following stories 315 to 344 — in which Ran gets to solve a mystery all on her own – Kaito Kid returns in the fourth OVA, determined to steal Queen Selizabeth's jewel. Immediately watch episodes 345 to 356 to find out more about Jodie and her connection to the Black Organization. If you have more need of the Phantom Thief following the OVA, you're in luck; Kaito Kid appears in the next film, "Magician of the Silver Sky," and of course, he can't keep his hands to himself. 

Continue with the next 26 cases to get some heartbreaking glimpses into Ai's past, then watch OVA 5 to follow the Detective Boys as they rescue the targeted Kogoro Mouri. It is recommended you take in the next movie, "Strategy Above the Depths," before going back to the central action.

To Episode 504

Now that you're a good way into the "Cellphone" arc, keep watching until you reach the end of Episode 424. There is another OVA immediately following in which Conan and Heiji team up to take down Kaito Kid once again. 

Start the next storyline and meet Kir, the latest member of the infamous Black Organization. When you're about nine episodes in, take a break and watch the 10th movie, "The Private Eyes' Requiem" and see if they stop an amusement park bomber. The Kir plot continues from Episodes 435 to 452, and then "Conan" comes to life with the first live-action drama special. 

Seven episodes later, and you'll see a fun OVA; the Detective Boys get to face off against Doctor Agasa. After 10 more cases in the "Kir" arc, "Jolly Roger in the Deep Azure" slots in nicely. It's the 11th film in the franchise, and it features greedy treasure hunters and a secret cave. 

Keep watching Kir's interactions with Conan and Ai until 490, then take a break with an eighth OVA, as well as the second episode of the drama special. After finishing Episode 504, start the next feature-length mystery entitled "Full Score of Fear." Following this, you can start the "Magic Files" — the first only contains material from already-watched episodes — which features Shinichi Kudo during his prime.

To Episode 616

You'll be able to finish off the "Kir" arc without interruptions and start the "Bourbon" arc; after Episode 520, you'll want to watch the ninth OVA before the next nine cases. You'll then get to see Conan joining forces with Lupin III in this nearly two-hour long special. Watch the next two episodes of the anime, then "The Raven Chaser," the 13th film, which brings the Black Organization to the forefront. 

There will be another Magic File, a longer part of the story — totaling 29 mysteries — and a 10th OVA that brings Kaito Kid and the Detective Boys together. You'll see a Christmas filler episode during this next part before you sit down with movie 14, "The Lost Ship in the Sky." Watch the next Magic File, then get ready to learn about the Phantom Thief with the first Magic Kaito Special. 

Continue the first half of the "Bourbon" arc for 39 episodes, then have fun with two commercial-like shorts promoting a console called the Woo. Your next step will be the third drama special episode, then "Quarter of Silence," which happens to be the next movie in the franchise. 

Following Episodes 611 to 616 is the next OVA of the series, which allows for a little bonding between Ai and Ayumi Yoshida.  

To Episode 762

Now, watch from cases 617 to 623, then it's time for the drama series — which appears to be different from the previous specials — following Shinichi through different cases. Between Episodes 2 and 3 of the drama, watch 624 of the "Bourbon" arc, then return to the live-action series. You'll view 625 to 626, then get back to the next two stories focusing on Kaito Kid. 

Following three more adventures with the drama series, alternate between the anime and the live-action until you get to Episode 631. You will watch another two chapters of "Magical Kaito," two of the drama, and 10 more of the anime before the catching up with the series' OVAs. There will be a sixth "Magic Kaito," and you'll soon be nine steps closer to finishing Bourbon's story. Once you've finished the flick, "The Eleventh Striker," you can watch the sixth Magic File and fourth installment of the Drama Special. 

You'll carry on with the anime a few episodes at a time — with up to the twelfth "Magical Kaito" sprinkled in between. Then after Episode 694, solve another seaside mystery with the feature-length "Private Eye in the Distant Sea." 

You will soon be in the second half of the "Bourbon" arc, but once you're done with 721, be sure to see Conan's first crossover movie, once again teaming him up with Lupin III. Afterwards, continue until Episode 735; the 18th film, "Dimensional Sniper" takes place between that and 736. 

Keep Conan's adventure going for the next 17 stories, then shift your focus to Kaito Kid for "Magic Kaito 1412." Go between the primary anime and the Phantom Thief until you've reached episodes 762 and 11, respectively. 

To episode 874

Next, satisfy your inner detective with a case based on Agatha Christie's real-life mystery. Entitled "The Disappearance of Conan Edogawa," the new story crosses "Conan" with characters from Kenji Uchida's "Key of Life." Then, it's time for "Magic Kaito 1412" 12, before getting back into another TV special, this time focusing on Kogoro Mouri. 

Once again moving between the anime and "Magic Kaito 1412" with a couple stories at a time, you'll continue both the prime narrative and the Phantom Thief specials until you have reached Episode 773 and have finished off the latter series. The next movie, "Sunflowers of Inferno," takes place after 774. The next 38 episodes will finish the "Bourbon" story and start the "Rum" arc. The Black Organization continues to wreak havoc in "Conan's" 20th feature film, "The Darkest Nightmare," in which the Detective Boys unknowingly aid a member of the villainous crew. 

There is another stretch of 30 episodes before yet another special. This time, it is a remake of the very first episode with updated art and animation, as well as new elements, including Sherry first concocting the poison. After the bout of nostalgia that episode will surely provide, make your way through Episodes 845 to 854. However, skip to 856 and continue through 874. Go back to 855, a pre-story for the following film. Go ahead and watch "The Crimson Love Letter" after that.

To Episode 1003

Continue the "Rum" arc from Episodes 875 to 898, then watch "Zero the Enforcer," the franchise's 22nd film. Following that, you will carry on with episodes 899 and after you've reached 935, there is another movie waiting for you. "The Fist of the Blue Sapphire" pits Conan against Kaito Kid as the latter puts his incredible thieving skills to the test. 

Before you sit down with the 24th and latest feature in "Detective Conan," you'll be watching a large portion of the anime. After you've consumed the 66 episodes — and passed the 1000 mark — you're ready for a train adventure with "The Scarlet Bullet," released only a few months ago. 

The latest part of the series is not over yet, and it is unknown how long it will last. Once you're on episode 1003, keep going until you're caught up. After that, feel free to read the manga and see what Gosho Aoyama has in store for the newest adaptations.