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Fra Fee Chooses The Avenger He Wants To Play If Rogers: The Musical Were To Happen - Exclusive

When "Hawkeye" debuted its in-universe Broadway musical Rogers: The Musical, fans couldn't help wishing the TV musical was a reality. As it turns out, fans aren't alone in that dream. "Hawkeye" actor Fra Fee (Kazi) is in the same boat, waiting for the day the musical exits the small screen and becomes a reality. Hell, we'd even accept a small show at Disney Parks. Fee has already performed in his fair share of movie musicals like Amazon Prime's "Cinderella" and 2012's "Les Misérables," and he has a particular character in mind if Disney ever gives him the chance to perform in a real musical. 

During an exclusive interview with Looper, Fra Fee dished on which character he'd like to play in "Rogers: The Musical" if the TV musical ever hits Broadway for real. He also revealed what it's like working on a big action show like "Hawkeye" compared to movie musicals. 

The man with a shield

On how big action shows like "Hawkeye" compare to his movie musical projects, Fee explained, "There [are] always similarities with everything that you do. I just think if you're telling a story, it really doesn't matter whether it's a play or a musical or a movie or whatever. It's literally just telling a story. So I always find it quite similar, and certainly, with something like this, there's a lot of choreo in the stunt work." He added, "And I had to treat the sign language, initially, just as movements that I coordinated, just like dance." 

However, Fee candidly admitted that he's not the right guy for major dance roles, noting, "By the way, I'm a terrible dancer [Laughs], so don't ever ask me to [dance]. I sing, but I'm really, really, very bad at dancing."

Fee didn't even have to think about which Avenger he'd want to play in Rogers: The Musical. Without missing a beat, he said, "But the Rogers musical, if they were to do an actual musical, I would play Captain America because he's the lead." He added with a laugh, "Is that not the obvious answer?" It's safe to say that most fans would be on board with this particular casting choice. 

The first season of "Hawkeye" is now streaming on Dinsey+.