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We Now Know If The Matrix: Resurrections Will Begin A New Trilogy

When the original "The Matrix" debuted in 1999, it in many ways the heralded the arrival of the 21st century for cinema, blowing audiences away and redefining the limits of what could be put to screen. Its sequels, respectively subtitled "Reloaded" and "Revolutions" were ... less celebrated. They released to mixed reception, with many critics and fans baffled by the latter films' turn away from the mind-bending action of the original and toward the esoteric.

Some two decades later, those latter movies have been reevaluated by some. The Wachowski sisters have always been insistent that the trilogy was conceived as such, and that the first "Matrix" film alone is an incomplete telling of their vision. "This is what we wanted to do with the trilogy, and this was the experiment from the beginning," said Lana Wachowski in 2012. Lana is the sole director of the new "The Matrix: Resurrections," which will release tomorrow on HBO Max and in theaters.

Since the original three films were conceived as a trilogy, many "Matrix" fans are now wondering whether "Resurrections" signals the beginning of a second "Matrix" trilogy, similar to what George Lucas achieved with "Star Wars" episodes I, II, and III in the early '00s.

In a red carpet interview with Associated Press at the premiere of "The Matrix: Resurrections," Lana Wachowski gave a decisive answer to the burning question of whether fans can expect another two films in the franchise.

Lana Wachowski shot down the idea of a new Matrix trilogy

"I didn't ever want to make another Matrix movie," director Lana Wachowski said at the red carpet premiere of her new film, "The Matrix: Resurrections." Wachowski is one half of the sibling directorial team who created the original "Matrix" films, and her sister, Lilly, has notably distanced herself from the new movie.

Lana Wachowski continued, sighing, "Then, I had a tragedy in my life. My parents passed away, and I needed something to help with the grief." She elaborated, "Inventing a story where two people come back to life was healing." The Wachowskis' parents both died of unnamed illnesses within a relatively short period of time, reportedly devastating the sibling duo.

When asked whether "The Matrix: Resurrections" signals the start of a new trilogy, Lana Wachowski grinned and laughed, "Who said that question? Get a name. We want a name!"

Wachowski's answer was a resounding and emphatic, "No." She subsequently left the press pit before any follow-up questions could be posed.