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Is It Possible To Visit Oak Island From Curse Of Oak Island?

"The Curse of Oak Island" is now in its 9th season on History after it premiered back in January of 2014. Seven years later, the show still features Michigan brothers Rick and Marty Lagina as they try to uncover a legendary hidden treasure that has been rumored to be buried somewhere in Oak Island, a small landmass off the shores of Nova Scotia in Canada. The Lagina brothers purchased a 50% stake in the company that owns the rights to Oak Island, which is how they are able to operate pretty much alone. Over its nine seasons, Rick and Marty have made new discoveries on air that have brought the search for the treasure closer than ever before, including a possible sunken ship at the bottom of the island's swamp.

This season of the show has held a lot in store for the Lagina brothers' operation. Not only have they made discoveries of gold, an old Knights Templar map, and new clues that point toward the famed Money Pit, but they've had to face a looming threat of government shutdown. In the most recent episode, "It All Adze Up," the Lagina brothers and their crew continue to find more remnants of an old ship, including pieces of cannon that point to the Portuguese.

With all the excitement of this season and everything that has been discovered over the past seven years, many fans are wondering whether it's even possible to go to Oak Island if you aren't a part of the Lagina brothers' crew or in the government. Are tourists able to visit the famous Oak Island?

You can visit Oak Island free of charge

Surprisingly, even though Oak Island is privately owned, it's still open to visitors. Although you can't just show up on a whim and start looking for treasure yourself, they have guided tours. You may, however, show up at any time in-season and visit what's called the "interpretive center" for free — as of the writing, it's out of season as they closed on October 31. If you wanted a more scenic tour, that kind of thing would be pre-scheduled and is definitely guided. Those tours are only available in-season and on weekends. There's a lot of information on the Oak Island website and on Oak Island Tours social media pages regarding the timing and nature of visits, and sometimes, according to the website, cast member Charles Barkhouse even leads some of the weekend tours — when they aren't shooting, of course.

It's unclear how much the guided tours cost, but it's likely to be something given that the tour of the interpretive center is free. If you do end up visiting, it is highly unlikely that there would be any set tours, as "The Curse of Oak Island" likely shoots on the weekdays to avoid any interruption.

You can catch up on this season of "The Curse of Oak Island" on History.com, where all episodes are available.