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Why Some Lost In Space Fans Gave Up On Season 3

The Netflix series "Lost In Space" is set in the year 2046, after a devastating event on Earth threatens everyone, and humanity begins selecting families to colonize the planetary systems. One of those families is the Robinsons. The tight-knight family unit includes aerospace engineer Maureen Robinson (Molly Parker), her husband, John Robinson (Toby Stephens), and their children, Will and Penny, played by Maxwell Jenkins and Mina Sundwall, respectively, as well as Judy (Taylor Russell), Maureen's daughter and the mission doctor.

The Robinsons intend to reach the Alpha Centauri system but they end up crashing on a nearby planet. The family now has to contend with a strange new environment, the sinister Dr. Smith (Parker Posey), and a mysterious robot who bonds with Will, all while the family tries to return to their original ship.

While the Netflix remake of the popular 1965 television series has received positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, fan reception of the third and final season of the show, which recently debuted on the streaming service, has been less welcoming. Here's why some fans were frustrated by the last chapter of the "Lost in Space" story.

Fans were disappointed by Season 3's writing and the pacing

A Reddit discussion in the r/NetflixBestOf subreddit showed how Season 3 of "Lost in Space" has earned some negative reception from fans following its December 1 debut. U/Nerditshka agreed that Seasons 1 and 2 of "Lost in Space" were good but called the latest season "childish." They went on to say, "I forced myself to go through the first episode of Season 3 thinking that it might improve but man, the horror escalated."

Redditor u/andsowelive felt like the characters' actions don't make sense anymore, adding, "Why do they keep doing the exact opposite thing they should do? They know Smith is nasty and evil, but they give her chance after chance." Additionally, u/CrakeB didn't hold back, echoing this sentiment with their summary of events on the show: "Unlikable family creates chaos everywhere they go leaving a wake of melodrama, destruction, and half-hearted revelations."

Meanwhile, in discussions on the r/lostinspace subreddit, u/Pelopida92 felt "that the dialogues [sic] dropped a lot in quality this season. They are super cringy [sic] and are clearly trying to lecture the viewer about the current state of the events, again and again." U/MyDearDapple summed up the criticism best, first praising the show's visual effects before proclaiming, "Holy moly, is this a chore to sit through."

Still, a few still loved the new season. U/BowlRepresentative93 wrote, "I watched the all the [sic] seasons in three days! I laughed, and I cried! I really need a Season 4 because of that robot and Will! I just love that family and all the adventures."