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The Cobra Kai Dojo You Belong To Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Be it math, karate, or anything else, all people learn in different ways. Some are hands-on learners, who need to see practical applications to fully grasp new material. Some learn best by observing others. Then there are those who enjoy the diligence of constant practice, while others become quickly discouraged when not learning new things. In the world of "Cobra Kai," this idea is reflected in the three main karate dojos: Daniel LaRusso's Miyagi-Do, Johnny Lawrence's Eagle Fang, and John Kreese's Cobra Kai.

Each dojo in the show has a unique approach. Miyagi-Do pulls directly from the teachings of Mr. Miyagi, who placed a heavy emphasis on internal balance, tranquility, hard work, repetition, and self-defense. Kreese's Cobra Kai dojo stands as a polar opposite to that philosophy, emphasizing aggression and fury as the key means of victory and improvement. Then there's Eagle Fang — founded by Johnny after he was ousted from Cobra Kai by Kreese — which strikes a sort of balance between the other two with an added focus on doing cool stuff and being, well, a badass.

Obviously, within the story of Cobra Kai, some of these dojos are more palatable than others. Kreese takes his "no mercy" doctrine way too far in the show, leading to a teaching style that's downright abusive to his students. But removing those more extreme elements of discipline, each dojo has an undeniable, distinct appeal. Here's what dojo you'd fit best in, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Eagle Fang

At their core, most Aries — those born between March 21 and April 19 — want to be badasses. To do exciting things, be at the head of the pack, jump into situations with no fear or inhibition, these are intrinsic Aries desires. The first fire sign of the zodiac has a fierce competitive spirit, but not at the expense of staying loyal and considerate of friends and allies. That's exactly the balance that Johnny cultivates after leaving Cobra Kai and founding Eagle Fang Karate.

Johnny's approach to teaching, and the core philosophy at the center of his dojo, beautifully mirror the core desires of Aries: to be the best, to embrace their fiery spirits, and above all else, to do cool stuff. Miguel Diaz, Johnny's first and finest student, is a perfect embodiment of these qualities. Though he's incredibly brave and considerate, Miguel can still give in to fits of passion and really just loves having a good time. Even the outdoor dojo of Eagle Fang fits well into Aries' adventurous attitude, and the camaraderie among Johnny's students is sure to scratch the sign's social itch. If you're an Aries looking for a karate dojo in the world of Cobra Kai, Eagle Fang is the place for you.

Taurus: Miyagi-Do

The philosophy of Miyagi-Do is, above all, steady. It's a doctrine that relies on consistent, patient, repetitive work and gradual improvement. The dojo also has the strongest connection to the natural world out of the three "Cobra Kai" karate schools. For all those reasons and more, those who wear the sign of Taurus (April 20 to May 20) fit best into the teachings of Miyagi-Do.

Daniel LaRusso himself has huge earth sign energy, and while his status as a Taurus is certainly debatable, he brings many of the sign's qualities — both good and bad — to bear in his teachings. Those include patience, consistency, occasional stubbornness, and a love of art. Daniel's daughter Sam, one of Miyago-Do's finest practitioners, also embodies many of these traits. She's firm and unyielding to a fault, diligent, and steady. Overall, the central tenets of Miyagi-Do mesh perfectly with the characteristics of Taurus: if you stand your ground, practice daily, and stay true to the path, you can't be beaten.

Gemini: Cobra Kai

At first, Gemini (May 21 to June 20) might seem like an odd pick for the harsh culture of John Kreese's Cobra Kai dojo. After all, the air sign is generally understood to be one of the more sensitive, curious, and childlike parts of the zodiac. However, there are other aspects of the Gemini sign that fit quite well with the more moderate elements of the Cobra Kai philosophy. For instance, Geminis are often seen as quick learners who are flexible and benefit greatly from strong relationships. Regardless of its methods, Cobra Kai is certainly a dojo that forges powerful connections and a sense of family reliance.

The fast pace and group mindset of Cobra Kai is what makes it appealing to less naturally-aggressive students like Aisha and Robby. Gemini's more argumentative tendencies will also fit well with the dojo's philosophy of stiff competition. Obviously, no one benefits from Kreese's more extreme habits and beliefs, but a more purified form of Cobra Kai — one that lacks the abuse, but which keeps the values of achievement, adaptability, family, and following one's own desires — is one which naturally suits the Gemini.

Cancer: Miyagi-Do

Caring but careful, calm but impassioned, discerning but hesitant — these are cornerstones of the Cancer sign, the first water sign of the zodiac, which rules from June 21 to July 22. Symbolized by the crab, Cancers are generally defensive in nature and highly empathetic, but they can be pushed to desperation and intensity just as often as they retreat into their shells. As the one dojo primarily centered on self-defense and emotional attunement, Miyagi-Do is the natural home for those who wear the sign of Cancer.

The holistic philosophy of Miyagi-Do works perfectly with Cancer's natural sensitivity, compassion, and mind-body connection. The sign's less positive qualities (which include poor self-confidence and fear of betrayal) are aided by the communal and spiritual sides of Miyagi-Do's teachings. Robby Keene is an excellent example of a Cancer-esque personality, benefitting immensely from the dojo's unique style. Calm and patient training and a focus on emotional states helped Robby come to terms with some of his past traumas and actualize a better version of himself, and even though he later left Miyagi-Do Karate, there's no denying that his time there was a period of great growth and healing.

Leo: Cobra Kai

Cobra Kai's fierce style of karate and emphasis on aggression and intensity is a natural match for fire signs, and while Aries' more down-to-Earth qualities make it a better fit with Eagle Fang, Leo is nearly custom-built to thrive in Kreese's teaching environment. Kreese himself channels many of the core Leo qualities, excelling in positions of leadership and prioritizing his own personal enrichment over anything else. In his Cobra Kai dojo, Kreese teaches his students to take what they want and ignore all obstacles, and while that doctrine can be easily perverted, the core sentiment can also be quite positive for those born between July 23 and August 22.

Represented by the lion and ruled by the sun, Leo is the fire sign of fire signs. Intense passion and a desire to be the best are the main things that drive Leos, but those admirable qualities can be tipped overboard into the realm of arrogance. Hawk and Tory, two of Kreese's finest students, both embody many of these characteristics of the Leo sign, and they thrive in the Cobra Kai dojo because of it. Hawk eventually leaves after being awakened to Kreese's more villainous tendencies, but Cobra Kai's competitive atmosphere and emphasis on excellence unquestionably made him a much better fighter during his time there. For "Cobra Kai" Leos, the titular dojo is absolutely the place to be.

Virgo: Eagle Fang

Johnny Lawrence is not a Virgo, and nobody would ever mistake him for one. But the culture he creates in his Eagle Fang Karate dojo is perfect for the second earth sign of the zodiac, which rules from August 23 to September 22. Loyal and hard-working but occasionally hesitant to show all their true colors, Virgos have a perfectionist drive but lack the same ego Leos have. Naturally introverted, Virgos can nonetheless benefit greatly from a positive, encouraging community atmosphere that pushes for excellence without devolving into competitions of pride.

There are still lingering elements of Johnny's original Cobra Kai philosophy in Eagle Fang, centered around the desire for all his students to become truly great. However, his second dojo is more a home for misfits than a crucible for the naturally competitive. It's a space where hesitation and introversion are welcomed, but where they can also be honed into helpful tools instead of restrictive barriers. More than anything, Eagle Fang is a dojo where people can just be themselves while still competing at a high level — an ideal combination for Virgos.

Libra: Miyagi-Do

A zodiac sign dedicated to harmony and balance? Sounds like an ideal fit with Miyagi-Do Karate. The sign of Libra is almost too perfect for Daniel LaRusso's dojo, which itself is a beautiful outdoor space with a rock garden, pond, and lots of natural foliage. Mr. Miyagi himself may well have been a Libra, and his teachings are well-suited to those whose birthdays fall between September 23 and October 22.

Libras are natural peacemakers who avoid conflict at all cost and work well with others. If that sounds like a spot-on summation of the students of Miyagi-Do as well, that's because it is. Daniel cultivates an environment of cooperation and nonaggression that will make the air sign feel right at home. Miyagi-Do is the perfect place for Libras to build friendships with like-minded people, and it's a perfect creative outlet for them, as it doesn't necessitate intense competition or conflict. In fact, the skillset of a defender is one that most Libras would be happy to have. While they don't choose to initiate fights, they do occasionally need the tools to finish them in order to reestablish balance. The reasons go on and on, but suffice it to say that Libras and Miyagi-Do are as perfect a match as will be found on this list.

Scorpio: Cobra Kai

For those who possess the tenacity, intensity, and desire for control that defines the sign of Scorpio (October 23 to November 22), Cobra Kai is the only dojo to choose. That's not just because Sensei Kreese is a natural-born schemer either, though that obviously helps. In a similar but opposite way to how Libras are perfectly suited to the style of Miyagi-Do Karate, Scorpios will find great outlets for their natural passion in Cobra Kai.

Perhaps no character better embodies this match than Tory Nichols, who channels her pent-up aggression, unyielding bravery, and fierce loyalty to stellar (if occasionally violent) results as one of Kreese's star pupils. Does a Scorpio in Cobra Kai have to turn dark? Absolutely not. In fact, in a slightly altered version of the dojo, Cobra Kai's impassioned philosophy could be an ideal space for Scorpios to harness their ambitions and immense energy in positive ways. At the end of the day, Kreese's dojo simply rewards all the behaviors that come naturally to Scorpios, and it still has the high-loyalty social atmosphere in which the water sign thrives. If you're a Scorpio living in the world of "Cobra Kai," this is unequivocally the dojo for you.

Sagittarius: Eagle Fang

Both Johnny Lawrence and his dojo emanate Sagittarius energy, making them great fits for those born between November 23 and December 21. Eagle Fang Karate has a lot of fire sign vibes, but it also employs a much freer philosophy than that of Cobra Kai. The dojo is still driven by passion and a desire to be the best, but in a way that's less intense and more, well, fun. It's also a place where many different kinds of people come together to learn and train, satisfying the common Sagittarius desire to experience a wide range of ideas and lifestyles.

The final fire sign of the zodiac is nothing if not unconventional, and that's the centerpiece of Johnny's entire teaching style. From the exercises he uses to train his students, to his embracing of many different schools of thought, to the very name of the dojo itself, everything about Eagle Fang screams "odd." But that's also the dojo's greatest strength. Eagle Fang is a place where Sagittarius bearers can embrace their many intense passions and their fun-seeking spirit, while also building a powerful sense of community with others. It's an unorthodox dojo with more than a few questionable practices, but for those who wear the Sagittarius badge, it's the place to be.

Capricorn: Miyagi-Do

Miyagi-Do Karate's emphasis on emphasis and tradition should be instantly appealing to the Capricorn sign, which rules from December 22 to January 19. An earth sign, Capricorn holds a deep affinity for organization, order, and practicality. While some students may become frustrated with Daniel LaRusso's chore-like training regimens and dedication to slow and steady advancement, Capricorns will thrive in that exact dojo environment — one where they can focus on learning and executing skills the right way, rather than the easy way.

Daniel himself exhibits many of the core traits of Capricorn in his everyday life. The practice of bonsai tree cultivation, one of his primary hobbies, is a perfect manifestation of Capricorn's natural patience and passion for the slow burn. Many of the exact exercises Daniel employs in his teachings — exercises that come directly from Mr. Miyagi himself — convey those same values. Daniel even embodies some of the sign's less admirable traits, like his desire for full control and his strong conviction that he always knows best. Like-mindedness with a mentor has a huge impact on how well students learn, which is a part of why Capricorns would thrive in the Miyagi-Do dojo. Plus, the tenets of self-defense, responsibility, and self-control will all resonate powerfully with the earth sign.

Aquarius: Cobra Kai

The air sign Aquarius is one of the more complicated elements of the zodiac to place in a "Cobra Kai" dojo. On one hand Aquarius, which rules from January 20 to February 18, is generally seen as a compassionate sign with a strong heart for people. On the other hand, the sign is also known for dipping into more stubborn and even aggressive realms from time to time, usually in pursuit of one of the many causes its wearers choose to fight for. To top it all off, while not the most ego-driven of the signs, Aquarius generally places a high priority on independence and the freedom to do what they want, when they want.

Looked at as a whole, Aquarians are probably best suited to the Cobra Kai dojo. They may not see eye-to-eye with everything Kreese says, but they'll value his emphasis on following your own passion and taking what you want. The intense style of training at Cobra Kai will align well with Aquarians' fierce internal drives, and they'll leave with all the skills they need to fight hard for what they believe in.

Pisces: Eagle Fang

Last but certainly not least in the zodiac is the water sign Pisces, applied to those born between February 19 and March 20. Often seen as quirky or having their heads in the clouds, Pisces are more complex than those stereotypes imply. The sign is driven by a desire to discover, explore, connect, and create, but they certainly aren't the most grounded or disciplined people you'll meet. That makes the water sign a bit too dreamy for the doctrine of Miyagi-Do, but Pisces is a perfect fit with the philosophy of Eagle Fang Karate.

The supportive family mindset of Eagle Fang will make Pisces feel right at home, and Johnny's more oddball practices and excitable energy will allow the water sign to live their full, unmuted selves to the fullest. The ability to combine wisdom and intuition with more ethereal approaches to problems and situations is a core quality of those who wear the Pisces sign, and that's an ability that will be intensely valued and celebrated in the Eagle Fang dojo.