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Hawkeye Star Hints At Whether He'll Ever Become An Iconic Marvel Character

As with just about every character that turns up to play a prominent part in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a comic book background check is an absolute must. As compulsory as staying behind after the credits to get angry stares from cinema staff, researching characters that aren't well-known icons from Stan Lee's world often pays off massively. One recent example that fits this bill is in Disney+'s arrow-firing festive treat "Hawkeye." Seen translating for the revenge-fuelled Echo (Alaqua Cox), Kazi (played by Irish actor Fra Fee) is a character straight from the Matt Fraction and David Aja Marvel Comics story the show draws inspiration from. He's also one who has a lethal history with Jeremy Renner's rundown archer.

In the comics, Kazi Kazimierczak is a silent assassin named The Clown, who is also responsible for Clint's hearing loss. Kazi hasn't done that much damage in the show so far, but that doesn't mean that Fee's iteration of the character won't end up on a similar path, particularly with some of the traits he's already taken from the source material.

Fra Fee drew from the source material to play Kazi

Speaking to ComicBook.com, Fee discussed his take on Kazi, and how pieces of The Clown have already made it to screen. "I was fully aware of the origins of this character. And I think it was a really intriguing character in the comics," Fee explained. "And there was a lot that I was able to take from his persona in the comic books."

A murderous mime in the beloved run of comics, it sounds like Fee is having fun fleshing out his version of the character. A lot of that is thanks to Marvel Studios' effort to add depth to characters, which Fee is all for. "There's a sense of history, there's always a reason to be, there's always a reason why these characters act the way that they do," he explained. "And so to be able to actually figure out why Kazi is who he is, how he's got to the place that he has found himself, that's really, really exciting rather than just playing an evil dude. Whether you need to know the why, and I think we're able to do that here."

From what's been shown so far, there's not a lot to suggest that Kazi will tip over the edge into the murderous mindset yet. However, a lot can happen in two episodes. We'll see what else is on the way when "Hawkeye" returns to Disney+ next week.