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Emily Wickersham's Net Worth After Starring On NCIS

"NCIS" is one of television's biggest success stories. Even after 19 seasons, the hit CBS crime procedural remains a huge hit with audiences. Week after week, fans have tuned in to see the beloved group of agents investigate crimes connected to the U.S. Navy. The show has inspired three successful spin-offs, too: "NCIS: Los Angeles," "NCIS: New Orleans," and the most recent addition to the franchise, "NCIS: Hawaii."

However, it's more than just the crime solving that fans love about "NCIS" — the camaraderie and friendship among the characters is what makes the show so special. Audiences in particular love Emily Wickersham as Ellie Bishop, the NSA agent who eventually moved to join Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and the squad. Ellie ended Season 18 going on a secret undercover mission, and fans were devastated to learn she would not be returning for Season 19. Wickersham starred as Ellie for eight seasons, leaving quite the mark on audiences — and her own bank account.

Emily Wickersham earned quite a bit for her work on NCIS

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Emily Wickersham is worth $6 million since leaving "NCIS." Starring on one of the biggest shows on television certainly merits a large payday, so we aren't surprised by this number. 

The absence of Wickersham's Ellie Bishop hasn't been fully explained by the show, leaving audiences to assume she just stayed on her secret mission. As such a popular character, it's certainly possible that she'll make a return to the show one day. The actress hasn't taken on any projects since leaving "NCIS," per her IMDb. The COVID-19 pandemic may be the reason for her acting hiatus, but there's another more exciting reason, too. In July 2021, Wickersham took to Instagram to reveal she's expecting a baby boy with her boyfriend, fellow actor James Badge Dale.

We certainly miss Ellie Bishop on "NCIS." However, we're happy to know Wickersham has many exciting things ahead in her personal life, and hope to see her acting talents on the silver screen again very soon.