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The Arcane Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

It's time to choose your avatar. Would you rather be Professor Heimerdinger, the knee-high genius, or Jinx, the blue-braided killing machine who is a teensy bit unhinged? Each of these characters come from the game "League of Legends" as well as "Arcane," a Netflix adaptation that has blown away diehard "LoL" fans and newbs alike. Both long-time fans and new converts are probably trying to decide which character they love the most, not to mention which character they most want to be. There are too many awesome characters to choose from, so we'll make the job easier by using what is quite possibly the world's oldest personality test: the zodiac.

We don't know any of the characters' official birthdays (this isn't exactly the type of show that has a special birthday episode), but we went ahead and took a stab at guessing them based on the characters' personalities and the zodiac calendar. Now, if you decide to choose an avatar on "League of Legends," you'll know which champion is the closest fit.

Aries: Vi

Nobody from "Arcane" embodies this zodiac sign better than Vi. (If you're wondering why she sounds so familiar, she's voiced by Hailee Steinfeld.) "There's no braver sign," says Culture Astrology, and Vi has no problem facing insurmountable odds. A classic Aries, Vi is restless and can't sit still. She wants revolution now, dammit, and she always charges toward her next goal with reckless abandon.

Aries are warriors and trailblazers who make good leaders, but team players? Not so much. Like many folks born under the sign of the Ram, Vi is not always good at listening to the needs of her companions, and she forgets that her rash decisions can have consequences that impact all of her friends. Don't bother trying to give an Aries advice: They will do whatever they believe is right, regardless of — and often in spite of — whatever everybody else thinks. Vi hates it when Vander (JB Blanc) tells her she shouldn't go looking for trouble (even more so because he's right), and when Jayce (Kevin Alejandro) realizes there might be a way to negotiate peace, Vi won't listen to him, either.

In romance, Rams are very forward and are usually the ones to make the first move. Vi tells Caitlyn (Katie Leung), "You're hot, cupcake," and you can't get much blunter than that. But underneath all their bluster, folks with this zodiac sign are actually quite insecure, Cosmopolitan points out. Vi must constantly live with the guilt that she may not have done enough to protect her sister.

Taurus: Sevika

Like any Taurus, Sevika (Amirah Vann) has patience — a quality she believes Vi never had. She is willing to wait for her chance at revenge. Others call Sevika cynical for deciding that joining forces with the crime lord Silco (Jason Spisak) is the only way to bring about change, but as far as Sevika's concerned, she's just being realistic (a common Taurus trait, says Zodiac Fire).

Culture Astrology describes Tauruses as "extremely stubborn and highly sensitive," which are usually not a good combination. Sevika is stung that Jinx (Ella Purnell) is Silco's favorite, so she can be a bit bullheaded, and she soon grows tired of doing Silco's dirty work. Yet, when there's an attempt to overthrow the crime boss, she still sides with Silco, because a Taurus is loyal to the very end. Not only are Tauruses tough, they will always get back up again. We've lost count of how many times Sevika has been beaten badly and still survived.

Tauruses love to treat themselves with anything that gives them pleasure, Cosmopolitan says. Sevika is seen on multiple occasions to be gambling, smoking, and taking the drug Shimmer. According to Astrology.com, a Taurus will always fall back into old habits because it gives them comfort. For Sevika, that habit is to kick up in her chair in Silco's office and have a good, long smoke. Even after her arm is gone, her boss is dead, and nothing will ever be the same again, Sevika picks up that cigarette and lights it, because it's all she knows.

Gemini: Mel

Mel Medarda (Toks Olagundoye) is charismatic, razor-sharp, and a bit of a flirt, so she makes a perfect Gemini. Like many people born under the sign of the Twins, Mel is wicked persuasive and can bend everyone to her will — sometimes without them knowing they've been duped. Luckily, Mel uses her powers for good (usually), and even manages to persuade a bickering Council to vote unanimously for a peace deal. A Gemini also much prefers to "forge their own path in life rather than live in someone else's shadow" (via Zodiac Fire), and Mel knows her ruthless mother (Ellen Thomas) casts a pretty big shadow.

Mel is a social creature — she tries to befriend as many people as possible, even if many of these relationships are only-surface level (and some little more than political alliances). Mel would rather be pals with everybody than have just one or two close companions, and such is the nature of the Gemini, says Cosmopolitan. For a Gemini, identity is a flexible thing that can change depending on who they're with. Mel can play charming Councilor in front of the Piltover elite, supportive lover in front of Jayce, and rebellious daughter whenever her mother shows up. This means that other signs can sometimes feel like "they never know who the Gemini ... really is," according to Astrology.com. As Mel reminds Jayce, "There are a lot of things you don't know about me."

Cancer: Vander

Like most people born under the sign of the Crab, Vander is protective — perhaps a little too protective, because Vi certainly feels smothered by her surrogate father. According to Astrology.com, you can always rely on Cancers to serve a "weary traveler," so it should come as no surprise that Vander runs a tavern called the Last Drop. Normally, a Cancer will be the gentlest person you know, but if their loved ones are threatened, they will fight like a cornered animal. This is especially true of Vander, who brings out his metal gauntlets to defend Vi and her sister Powder. Always cautious (another trait of this sign), Vander promises himself he will never risk other people's lives again after his failed rebellion gets Vi's parents killed.

Vander's loyalty is unshakable (a classic Cancer trait, says Cosmopolitan), and he is extremely forgiving, even if this means he will sometimes refuse to admit when one of his loved ones makes a mistake. He pledges not to sell out Vi or anyone from the undercity, even if it means Enforcers will come knocking — which leaves several characters unhappy that everyone else needs to pay the price for Vi's reckless mistake. Still, you can tell Vander means it when he tells the other residents of the undercity that he'd do the same for any of them. And in the end, he decides to turn himself in so nobody else gets hurt.

Leo: Caitlyn

Other signs may describe Leos as fierce, or even stubborn — Vi tells Caitlyn, "You expect everyone to give you what you want" — and it's easy to see why characters get that impression. In some ways, Vi isn't wrong, as Caitlyn's childhood has been much more privileged compared to Vi's. But there is so much more to Caitlyn than that.

According to Astrology.com, Leos are generous, brave, and loyal. Indeed, Caitlyn doesn't hesitate to trade her prized weapon for a potion that will help heal Vi. Folks born under the sign of the Lion are also incredibly hardworking and determined, though they fully expect to be given credit. Caitlyn absolutely hates it when Marcus, Jayce, and Vi all underestimate her.

Leos exude confidence, so it can be easy to forget that they can be quite sensitive, says Zodiac Fire. When the other Enforcers make fun of her — insisting she's not a real soldier and would be more at home at a "cocktail party" — Caitlyn tries to laugh it off, but you can see she is stung. Caitlyn cares deeply about her dignity and self-image, which is totally in character for her zodiac sign. (There's a reason you call a group of lions a "pride.") When Jayce tries to use his newfound Councilor privileges to get Caitlyn a cushy administrative job, she tells him, "I don't need charity, Councilor. Yours or my parents'." Also, she can't stand knowing that she only won the sharpshooting contest because Grayson let her.

Virgo: Heimerdinger

Virgos are often the most brilliant ones in the room, but they're too modest to brag about it. Even though Professor Heimerdinger (Mick Wingert) helped build Piltover from the ground up, he assures his student Viktor (Harry Lloyd) that his accomplishments will outshine his professors. Some of the best teachers and educators are Virgos, says Astrology.com, and they're known for their "refined tastes." (In the concert scene, Heimerginder is the only character that seems to appreciate the music.) The professor is also old-fashioned (a Virgo trait, according to Culture Astrology) and skeptical of anything that others describe as "progress." His protegee Jayce throws around the word "progress" a lot when talking about his inventions, but Heimerdinger knows firsthand the consequences of meddling with magic, so he warns Jayce not to get cocky.

Virgos are hard to please since they're perfectionists who always have plenty of nits to pick. We totally get why Heimerdinger told Jayce that his Hextech gemstone wasn't ready. After all, Jayce's invention nearly fried Heimerdinger's pet, and that's the sort of kink you want to take extra time to iron out. But telling Jayce he needs another 10 years of research? Isn't that a bit much, professor? By Your Tango's estimate, people born under the sign of the Virgin can sometimes be judgmental to the point of sanctimony. Don't get us wrong, Heimerdinger is almost always right, but that doesn't mean it's fun to listen to him when he's in lecture mode.

Libra: Grayson

Cosmopolitan describes Libras as bridge builders, and Grayson (Shohreh Aghdashloo) is nothing if not the bridge holding Piltover and Zaun together. In fact, this former Sheriff of Piltover might well have been the only thing holding back the floodgates because the instant she dies, all hell breaks loose. Like most Libras, Grayson is a brilliant negotiator and peacemaker. Almost all the characters trust Grayson to make a just and fair decision (which is fitting for the sign of the Scales). Topsiders Marcus (Remy Hii) and Caitlyn look up to her as a role model, while Vander and Benzo (Fred Tatasciore) from the undercity know they can count on her to uphold her secret deal with them.

Somebody born under this sign will avoid confrontation at all costs, and Grayson is extremely good at this. She asks her fellow Enforcer Marcus to leave the room before his argument with Vander gets ugly, and she quietly tries to defuse the situation when angry Councilors want to tear apart the undercity. A Libra to the end, Grayson cares less about her own happiness and more about the happiness of everybody around her. During the sharpshooting contest, she lets Caitlyn win because she knows it means a lot to the girl. Afterward, Grayson says she already knows she is a good enough shot to help protect Piltover. "That's trophy enough," she says.

Scorpio: Silco

It's all too easy for a Scorpio to get sucked into obsession. Like many people born under the sign of the Scorpion, Silco is manipulative and controlling — especially with the people he loves. Once he learns Jinx's sister is still alive, Silco hides it from her because he knows that Vi is the only person Jinx might love more than him. Jinx finds out, of course, but even then, Silco manages to twist the situation in his favor. 

"Scorpios hate superficial and disloyal people," according to Culture Astrology, so it's no wonder that Silco loathes Finn (Miyavi). Silco's fellow crime lord is willing to sell out to the topsiders, proposing that the undercity gives its secret weapon to Piltover in exchange for more trade privileges; Silco sees Finn as shallow and shamelessly mercenary. Silco also despises Vander, but he used to love him — at least until Vander tried to drown him. Indeed, Scorpios will never forget it if you betray them, and they will never let you forget it, either. On the flip side, if a Scorpio gives you their loyalty, it will be an undying loyalty. Although you wouldn't expect this from the villain, Silco is unbelievably loyal to Jinx, whom he genuinely treats like a daughter. If given a choice between getting everything he has ever wanted (respect and independence for the nation of Zaun) and protecting his daughter, Silco would choose Jinx every time — and he does.

Sagittarius: Jayce

According to Zodiac Fire, Sagittariuses are dreamers,  and Jayce likes to shoot for the sky. Thanks to a generous act from the mage that saved the life of Jayce's mother, he is constantly chasing the seemingly-impossible ideal of making magic available to everyone. Like any Sagittarius, Jayce is honest to a fault, especially in situations where it might be better to keep his mouth shut. For example, he shares his scientific discovery with the power-hungry Council (even though Professor Heimerdinger warned him not to) because he can't stand keeping it secret any longer. He also takes great satisfaction in proving everybody wrong after they dismiss his audacious theories, which is totally in character for his sign.

While Sagittariuses show admirable optimism, this can blind them to the truth. Jayce seems to think that Hextech will automatically fix everything: He believes it will heal the rift between Piltover and the undercity (even though Piltover's Council would only use it for themselves) and cure Viktor's illness (no matter that the Hexcore killed all the plant samples they tested). Enough is never enough for a Sagittarius like Jayce. Even after completely modernizing Piltover with his Hextech, Jayce is on the lookout for more ways he can build on his discovery, so he starts dabbling with applications of Hextech that might have been better left alone.

Capricorn: Ekko

Capricorns are slow to trust people and even slower to open up, so Ekko (Reed Shannon) is a perfect match. When the leader of the Firelights finds out Vi is alive, he tails her secretly instead of showing his face because he doesn't trust her. Still, the walls that Ekko has put up only come tumbling down whenever Vi reaches across and gives him a hug. And while Vi believes there's still a little girl inside Jinx somewhere, Ekko insists that Jinx is past saving. After all, Capricorns are pragmatic, refusing to let idealism blind them to reality.

Folks born under the sign of the Goat are constantly stockpiling resources and preparing for the worst because they have seen the worst firsthand (per Astrology.com). Ekko watched the slaughter of Benzo with his own eyes and grew up in an undercity ravaged by Shimmer. He has probably been through more trauma than any other "Arcane" character (aside from Jinx), so we kind of can't blame him for wanting to develop the gemstone into a weapon. As a result of his hardship, however, Ekko is extremely resourceful — another identifying trait of this zodiac sign. Heimerdinger is awed by the secret hideout that Ekko and the Firelights managed to build in exile, and Ekko replies, "You'd be surprised at what you can pull off when your life depends on it."

Aquarius: Viktor

Viktor is a perfect fit for the sign of the Water-Bearer. "This sign is the like the 'eccentric professor' of the zodiac," says Cosmopolitan, and they will tinker away at their mechanical boats while all the other kids are playing. As much as Jayce would like to take credit for Hextech, it was Viktor who spent all the sleepless nights in the lab chasing an elusive scientific vision. Unlike Jayce, who talks about using Hextech to improve lives but quickly gets distracted by his role as Councilor, Viktor actually intends to work for the greater good. He's the only topsider who actually includes the undercity in his vision of "making the world a better place." It's no surprise, either: An Aquarius will challenge the status quo and fight for humanitarian causes.

But Aquarians can become so focused on the big picture that they let other things fall to the wayside. For Viktor, this includes his health and relationships. (Life is short, kiddo. You should've taken up Sky's offer of a date.) Alas, Viktor insists on being a lone wolf and treasures his independence too much. True to his sign, Viktor never asks for even a tiny bit of help, hiding the worsening symptoms of his illness and telling his friends it's only a headache. When he does become desperate enough to ask for help, he goes to Singed instead. Sometimes, Aquarians need to remember not to push away their loved ones and accept support when they need it most.

Pisces: Jinx

Jinx (formerly Vi's sister Powder) is definitely born under the sign of the Two Fishes because she is full of empathy. Just watch Powder's wide-eyed face during the fight with Deckard (Josh Keaton) and his gang in Episode 1. You can tell she's upset when anybody takes a blow, whether it's her friends or her enemies. It's this ability to always see the good in others that makes her willing to hug Silco and start calling him "daddy." According to Zodiac Fire, Pisces are prone to unexpected mood swings (yeah, no kidding) and are extremely creative (it takes a pretty wild imagination to assemble a hand grenade from a cymbal-clapping toy monkey and design a missile launcher that looks like a shark).

It's all too easy for a Pisces to become too preoccupied with the negative things in life. Jinx can't let go of the innocent deaths she caused, even building a twisted sort of shrine to Mylo and Claggor. Also, she dwells on all the words Vi hurled at her after Vander's death, to the point that this single moment overshadows all the love Vi showed her growing up. And each time Jinx sinks deeper into her downward spiral, it is always triggered by her emotional vulnerability — she feels manipulated by Silco, abandoned by Vi, and replaced by Caitlyn. That's because being rejected and alone is the worst thing that can happen to a Pisces, and as seen by the shocking ending of the series, "Arcane" is not afraid to allow the worst to happen.