How Netflix Fans Really Feel About League Of Legends: Arcane's First Trailer

After months of breathless fan anticipation, Netflix and Riot Games have finally released a trailer for "Arcane" — the upcoming animated event series set in the "League of Legends" universe.

The epic, eye-popping two-and-a-half-minute trailer expands on the emotional intensity and aesthetic grandeur evinced by the 19-second "announcement" teaser unveiled back in May. If that teaser generated plenty of buzz on its own, this new, longer footage is sure to send MOBA fans all over the world into a frenzy. It's teeming with action, fan-favorite characters, and subtle nods to "League of Legends" lore. The plot, which confirms bitter game rivals Jinx and Vi (here voiced by Ella Purnell and Hailee Steinfeld) as sisters with a troubled past, will dive deep into the story of how the two became the ever-sparring troublemaker and Piltover law enforcer we know now. "LoL" fans are already losing their bearings at the storytelling possibilities. To top it off, the trailer includes a long-awaited release date announcement: "Arcane" is hitting Netflix on November 6.

What's even more interesting about this new trailer, though, is that its impact is reaching beyond "LoL" fans and gamers. As reactions on YouTube and Twitter show, "Arcane" looks all set to be a hit among the unacquainted as well.

Even those unfamiliar with League of Legends are thrilled by the trailer

The promotion for "Arcane" has given fans of the franchise everything they could ask for, but this latest trailer shows that the series isn't stopping at preaching to the converted. Even wholly removed from the "League of Legends" mythology context, the trailer has plenty to offer Netflix subscribers and fans of fantasy adventure at large. There are dazzling designs and scenery and the promise of a thrilling saga with solid character work. The incredible, stylish 3D-meets-2D CGI work by Fortiche Productions is also sure to land "Arcane" on animation fans' radar.

Unsurprisingly, casual viewers with no knowledge of the "LoL" universe are also expressing excitement for the trailer. The post on the series' official Twitter is laden with replies. "I have never played LOL, know nothing of it, never had an interest, but this is STUNNING. The style, characterizations, I'm hooked," @Nebuchidnezzar tweeted. "Don't give a s*** about LOL but the animation looks pretty sexy. Looks cool," user @superghostbust added.

On YouTube, meanwhile, a few of the most-liked comments on the trailer are from people who know nothing about "LoL." "Never payed attention to LoL but this series looks dope af" Hayden Elliott wrote. "I don't even play league and i'm STOKED this looks great," user notalexc added.

This all has led "LoL" fans on Reddit to speculate that "Arcane" might bring a slew of new players and fans into the "League of Legends" fold. Riot has clearly invested a lot into this series, and it certainly seems to be paying off.