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Past And Present Collide In A New The Matrix: Resurrections TV Spot

"The Matrix: Resurrections," which releases on December 22, 2021, will continue the original story that the famous Wachowski siblings first launched back in 1999. Over the course of three feature films, video games, and even an animated anthology that expanded upon the history of the war-torn future, the "Matrix" universe has become one of the most influential in cinematic history, and until now, it all culminated in an epic showdown in "The Matrix: Revolutions" that saw Neo (Keanu Reeves) finally defeat the rampaging Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving) when the latter threatened both the digital and real world ... though at great personal cost.

Now, that ending is about to be forever redefined in a big way. "The Matrix: Resurrections" comes to us almost 18 years later, and this newest TV spot expands upon what we already saw in the first trailer, splicing footage from the new movie with visuals from the 1999 release, to show us things that look similar to the original — and yet, also look very different. 

The new Matrix trailer is something new and familiar

This newest glimpse at "The Matrix: Resurrections" is introduced by Carrie Anne-Moss's character, Trinity, explaining that déjà vu is usually a glitch in the Matrix that happens when the machines change something in the artificial reality. New scenes are juxtaposed against old scenes, and viewers are left pondering the nature of this new life-like simulacrum that our heroes find themselves in.

The trailer is set to Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit," and in it, we see a very John Wick-esque looking Neo crossing paths with a black cat, which was an important visual trigger from the first "Matrix." The trailer then shows an outstretched hand offering both a red and a blue pill, with corresponding scenes of human imprisonment awash in those very same colors. Several moments then play across the screen with both new and old actors, as the scenes seamlessly blend into each other.

The trailer proceeds to show Neo and Trinity mirror previous interactions, and a voice over asks why old code is being used in something new, setting up the reason why we are seeing these original "Matrix" characters again, considering that both Neo and Trinity seemed to have died at the end of "Matrix: Revolutions." Agents also appear, while at the same time Trinity melts away into the iconic vertical green code. Plenty of questions have arisen from this new trailer, so hopefully the new Morpheus (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) — if he really is Morpheus — will be able to offer us a bounty of truth come December 22.