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The Agent Theory That Would Change Everything In The Matrix Resurrections

The upcoming release of "The Matrix Resurrections" will again plunge Keanu Reeves' Neo back down the ultimate, reality-tweaking alt-digital rabbit hole: the titular Matrix. 

As laid out for fans in the film's recently dropped trailer, Reeves' character seems to be fully recovered from his "death" at the hands of the machines in the last installment of the big-budget franchise, "The Matrix Revolutions." Seen in the trailer in discussion with a character we can assume is a therapist of some sort, this Neo is older, bearded, and in the midst of sharing a suggestive anecdote about some unusual dreams he's been having — the kind of dreams that have him questioning his sanity. 

Considering the franchise's tendency to blur the line between what is real and what is computer-coded illusion, any fan's first question is likely to be: Is Neo truly alive or is he simply a Matrix-constructed fabrication? Could this Neo be some kind of program? Or is this really The One we came to know and love in the original trilogy? 

One popular fan theory provides an interesting, if unorthodox take on Neo's resurrection.

Is Neo an agent of the machines?

"The Matrix" trilogy spawned plenty of baroque theories about what the Wachowskis meant their magnum opus to symbolize, so it was only a matter of time before the fandom started spinning up some pat explanations for Neo's titular resurrection in the upcoming four-quel.

In that spirit of speculation, perhaps Neo is a Matrix-approved element in the freshly re-configured simulation? Per the film series' last outing, the newest incarnation of the Matrix is up and running but still requires some form of control mechanism. In the previous movies, that was Hugo Weaving's maliciously efficient Agent Smith. But with Smith now deleted from the data-stream, who better to be re-booted and returned to the franchise as a code-enhanced Agent than The One himself? 

Of course, we'll all have to bide our time until the film's December 22 premiere to find out. If true, this particular theory seems as if it would change almost everything about what we can expect to experience in "The Matrix Resurrections."