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The Locksmith - What We Know So Far

An upcoming movie called "The Locksmith" is gaining attention for more than its talented cast and compelling plot. The film is an action drama featuring some familiar faces, but it's also a notable example of a positive response from Hollywood to recent tragic events. In October, an accidental shooting on the set of the film "Rust" led to the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and a call for changes in the way weapons are handled on movie sets.

In particular, many movie productions shooting in New Mexico now and in the near future have decided to forego the use of real weapons on set. Among these is the independent thriller "The Locksmith," which started principal photography November 15, 2021, in Las Cruces, New Mexico (via Deadline). Producers said they "will be using rubber guns and adding flash and sound by computer during post production." In doing so, the movie's following the lead of "Knight," which also decided to change its gun protocols in the wake of the accident.

Thankfully, this isn't the only reason why you should be interested in "The Locksmith." The film is also making waves because of its high-profile cast, which makes the movie one to watch when it debuts. It's also an original story that promises plenty of action and satisfying twists and turns. If this sounds like a movie you might be interested in, here's what we know about "The Locksmith" so far.

When is the release date of The Locksmith?

Principal photography just began on November 15 for "The Locksmith," so it will be a while before the film is released in theaters. Deadline reports that the movie's producers are aiming for a September 2022 release by Arclight Films, which has sales and distribution rights. Arclight Films was responsible for the sales of movies like 2004's "Crash" and 2017's "First Reformed," which the company also produced. Arclight Films is also producing movies like "Poker Face," with Russell Crowe at the helm (via Variety), and "The Portable Door," starring Sam Neill and Christoph Waltz (via Variety).

"The Locksmith" is set to film in Las Cruces through December 17, 2021, and the New Mexico Film Office says the production has put 65 local crew members and 200 background talent to use, bringing $2 million to the local economy, a great benefit for the area (via the Las Cruces Sun News). It appears to be one of four films setting up shop there around the same time, with the other three being "Knight," "Hot Seat," and "Chupa." 

Who's in the cast of The Locksmith?

At this early date, there hasn't been too much information released about the cast of the upcoming movie. However, we know that "The Locksmith" will star an ensemble that's headed by Ryan Phillippe ("Crash," "Gosford Park"), who will soon appear in the "MacGruber" series on Peacock (via Deadline). He's also no stranger to the action-thriller genre

Phillippe will be joined by Kate Bosworth ("Remember the Titans," "Superman Returns"), who will be seen on screen in 2022's "The Enforcer" and Netflix's "Along for the Ride," along with Ving Rhames ("Pulp Fiction," "Mission Impossible"). The film's IMDb page also lists Kaylee Bryant, Charlie Weber, Noel Gugliemi, Jeffrey Nordling, and more as fellow cast members.

Along with the on-screen talent, the film is being directed by Nicolas Harvard in his feature film debut. The screenplay is written by John Glosser, Joe Russo, Chris LaMont and Ben Kabialis, based on a story by Blair Kroeber. The movie's producers include Mark B. David ("Poker Face") and Roger Coff (Cut Throat City), while one of the executive producers will be Walter Josten. 

What is the plot of The Locksmith?

According to Deadline and other publications, "The Locksmith" is about an expert locksmith named Miller Graham with a criminal history, who is just ending a stint in prison. Miller attempts to reconnect with he ex-girlfriend, Beth Fisher, and his daughter, the former of which is now a police detective, which could make things more troublesome for him. Despite believing that his only real skill is for locksmithing, Miller wants to make amends and start fresh, but that becomes very difficult after an unexpected kidnapping. Will Miller risk his second chance at life to save the day? Phillippe plays Miller, Bosworth will be Beth, and Rhames will play a character named Frank, although nothing else is really known so far about the latter.

In statements quoted by The Hollywood Reporter, Gary Hamilton of Arclight Films called the film "a captivating thriller with a terrific ensemble cast" while producer Mark B. David praised its "great story." This is certainly a promising start, but It's hard to know at this early point in production if "The Locksmith" will live up to its potential. Still, this movie is definitely one to watch next fall as its debut arrives.