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The Matrix Resurrections Gets Some Exciting News Out Of China

In a year that has given us back the original Ghostbusters — and maybe even a few Spider-Men — it's crazy to think that it'll all round off with the return of Neo and Trinity. 

"The Matrix Resurrections" will mark the end of an 18-year hiatus since Keanu Reeves' bullet-dodging hero last took on the machines. This holiday season, he'll be back in action once again in the eagerly anticipated fourth installment of the franchise. The film is already slated for an impending December 24 release date in the U.S., and it's now been confirmed that China has signed off on the upcoming sci-fi blockbuster, as well — never a foregone conclusion, especially when it comes to thinly-veiled religious and political allegories.

The official announcement was made by Warner Bros. (via Deadline) after "The Matrix Resurrections" got the official thumbs up from the local Chinese censors. Currently, no release date has been confirmed by the studio, only that it "is confirmed to be introduced, and it will be released in theaters nationwide soon!" (via Weibo). The opening of the massive Chinese market is undeniably good news for Warner Bros., even if the territory has had an uneven history with the franchise.

Chinese cinemas have only seen half the Matrix franchise

Incredibly, this will only be the second installment of "The Matrix" franchise to reach big screens in China. Initially, both "The Matrix" and "The Matrix Reloaded" were never released in Chinese cinemas, and it was only "The Matrix Revolutions" that eventually made it through. Hopefully, the fourth chapter will have greater success, particularly in what is now the most significant theatrical market in the world (via The Insider). The only issue is just when the new "Matrix" will make it to theaters.

With the film arriving in cinemas and on HBO Max in the U.S., seeing big green numbers from China around the same time would be a helpful boost. For now, we can only wait and see when Neo, Trinity, and the rest of the surviving rebels of the human race will get the band back together for their long-awaited Asian reunion tour.