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The Gilmore Girls Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

One of the aspects that makes astrology so compelling is the way it groups individuals and creates many different character archetypes. From leaders to philosophers to hedonists, zodiac signs have attributes that are specific enough to convey meaningful information but also vague enough to apply to a large number of people. It's both a tool for self-reflection and a shorthand for character types, with some people fitting better into those broad types than others. 

"Gilmore Girls" ran from 2000-07 and had a brief revival on Netflix in 2016. It's a show about a daughter who rebels against her rich parents and runs away to a quirky New Hampshire tourist town called Stars Hollow to have her baby. The show starts when the main character, Lorelai Gilmore, appeals to her parents for help to put her teenage daughter, Rory, into the prestigious prep school Chilton. It's easy to recognize which characters from "Gilmore Girls" fit which zodiac signs because the show was full of over-the-top personalities who spoke in broadly-written dialogue. At the same time, the series made a point of humanizing all of them, even characters who clashed. There were no heroes or villains on "Gilmore Girls," only characters who always thought they knew best for everyone else and weren't afraid to say it. Let's take a look at what "Gilmore Girls" character you are based on your zodiac sign. 

Headstrong Emily GIlmore is an Aries

Fiery Aries (March 21 – April 19) is sometimes known as the Warrior, which perfectly suits the pugnacious Gilmore matriarch Emily. Aries are prone to arguments and confrontations and are extremely competitive. They are demanding and passionate but don't hold grudges after letting out their emotions. They are consummate leaders and will advocate for others as fiercely as they do for themselves. 

Emily Gilmore, the mother of Lorelai, is fiercely protective of her daughter but also thinks she knows best. When Lorelai gets pregnant at the age of 16, Emily essentially maps out her rebellious daughter's life from then on out. Lorelai wants nothing to do with these plans, and a wounded Emily never truly forgives her for it. When they finally reach a chilly detente after Lorelai agrees to come over for weekly dinners in exchange for her parents paying for Rory's Chilton tuition, Emily takes the opportunity to meddle in Lorelai's life. She tries to manipulate Lorelai into breaking up with Luke in favor of blueblood Christopher, Rory's father. Emily is simply acting on what she has always thought — she knows what's best for Lorelai and always has. She wants Lorelai to live a prosperous life, and she measures that by prestige. Like a true Aries, Emily feels that life is a competition, and she wants her family to win. 

Richard Gilmore is an earthy Taurus

Richard Gilmore, Emily's husband and Lorelai's father, is very much a Taurus (April 20 – May 20). This earth sign is known as the Sensualist because they appreciate creature comforts. Richard loves nothing more than a drink before dinner and his favorite Chuck Berry record. Richard values wealth, not for its own sake, but because it gives him a luxurious home, a chef to prepare him meals, and the luxury to travel whenever he wants. Money and hard work are a means to an end — the ability to kick back in his own home. 

Like other Taureans, Richard doesn't spend frivolously. As a businessman, he understands the value of a dollar. Indeed, Richard is stubbornly practical, so he advocates that Lorelai marry Christopher and that Christopher comes to work for him. It's also why he doesn't reject Lorelai's boyfriend Luke out of hand. Instead, Richard tells him that he will franchise his diners so that Luke will make more money to provide for his daughter. He is baffled when Luke rejects that offer, just as he never understands any of Lorelai's decisions. He has no interest in dreamers or those who think small. The practicalities of life and providing for himself and his family are more important than such foolishness. At the same time, he has little interest in his wife's social-climbing and intrigues. 

Quick-witted Lorelai Gilmore is a Gemini

Lorelai Gilmore is the heart of the show, and her mercurial qualities and smart mouth baffle and frustrate her parents. She's a Gemini through and through, as she has a sparkling wit, is the life of the party, and can be enthusiastic about everything. This makes sense, considering that a Gemini (May 21 – June 20) is called the Communicator. Even in a place like Stars Hollow that's full of big personalities, Lorelai stands out because of her uncanny ability to engage with everyone. Everyone in town either has a crush on her, feels protective of her, or both. Even curmudgeons like Taylor Doose respect her charm, even if they don't like her unending sarcasm. 

There are times when Lorelai feels a bit of entitlement because of her wit, and she certainly has her own ambitions. She is a thinker, finishing a graduate degree in business after dropping out of high school. Her charm also contains an air of frivolousness and flightiness, which often makes her indecisive in relationships. She is engaged and about to be married more than once, often dropping out at the last minute. That includes the true love of her life, Luke Danes, although they are eventually able to get past their mutual hurt feelings after a rough breakup and move in together

Moody but loyal, Luke Danes is a Cancer

Cancers (June 21 – July 22) are emotional, moody, and caring. Known as the Nurturer, this sign is all about family and home. They are creatures of habit, looking for comfort and stability. Of all the names on this list, no one was more closely associated with a sign than Luke Danes. The owner and operator of Luke's Diner, the curmudgeonly front he projects is all a smokescreen for this deeply caring and loyal man. While prone to moods and unwilling to let go of past traumas, there's no one devoted to his family and loved ones as Luke. 

He takes in his mercurial nephew, Jess, when his mother can't handle him and gives him a lot of leeway to make mistakes. He always helps his flaky sister, no matter what nonsense she gets up to. Even when he isn't dating Lorelai, he cares deeply about her and Rory. All he wants is to see her happy, and he expresses that love as a Cancer does — through food and by providing comfort. Serving her up coffee and banter every day brings Luke joy, just as Lorelai feels safe knowing that she could always depend on him. Even when Luke learns that he has a daughter he wasn't aware of, he moves heaven and earth in an effort to get to know her and make her comfortable. Like many Cancers, Luke likes routine and is uncomfortable stretching out. 

Leo Paris Gellar needs the spotlight

Leos (July 23 – August 22) are the flashy, attention-seeking members of the zodiac. They are bossy and like to be in charge, but they are also conscious of their role as performers and entertainers. Indeed, they are known as the Creative, which for them is equal parts self-centered and generously giving, as though they were royalty bestowing favors. Who else in the "Gilmore Girls" cast could this be but Paris Geller, the furiously fast-talking, ambitious young genius who became Rory Gilmore's greatest frenemy?

Paris is the queen bee at Chilton and is threatened by Rory's presence, as she is always worried someone might steal her spotlight. When they wind up at Yale together, they keep a wary peace, even though Paris' every movement is dramatic and over-the-top. Still, Paris proves herself to be a brilliant writer and excellent editor at the school newspaper. She also becomes president of the student council, determined to succeed and boss around other people in a high-profile role. 

Even as an adult, after she becomes a doctor, everything about Paris is still dramatic. She builds a business called Dynasty Makers, a full-service fertility clinic that caters to the rich and famous. 

Jackson Belleville is a practical Virgo

Virgos (August 23 – September 22) are practical perfectionists with a great deal of common sense. This sometimes leads to them being judgmental and thinking they know best, but it's always done not just out of love but a profound sense of wanting to make things better for the people they care about. Often known as the Healer and the Analyst, Virgos are smart enough not to be stubborn out of ego. Instead, they always look for the best solution to a problem, even if it's not the one they initially considered. 

In "Gilmore Girls," Jackson Belleville best represents that Virgo spirit. His meticulousness as a farmer makes him the best supplier for Sookie St. James' kitchen at the Dragonfly Inn. Sookie and Jackson have flirty arguments over the quality of his produce, and he never backs down on what he thinks makes for a better vegetable or fruit. Later, when they start dating and later get married, Jackson immediately thinks about practical matters regarding their house, especially after Sookie gets pregnant. That leads him to make budget spreadsheets and plan add-ons to their home. Later, Jackson even circumvents his dependence on the weather for his crops by building a greenhouse. Of course, he does all of this without consulting Sookie, which speaks to Jackson's very Virgo sense of always being right. 

Romantic Sookie St. James is a Libra

Libras (September 23 – October 22) hate conflict and are terrible at making decisions. They are also idealistic and can be dreamers, even as they prefer to think of themselves as part of a team rather than as bold loners. Referred to as the Diplomat, they are skilled at seeing several sides of a conflict and are eager mediators for people with hotter heads. 

The brilliant chef of the Dragonfly Inn, Sookie St. James, is very much a typical Libra. She frequently hems and haws over her menus, never quite satisfied in whatever decision she comes up with. She often serves as a referee whenever Lorelai and Michel clash. However, her imagination and cleverness in the kitchen are a tremendous asset to the Dragonfly Inn. Like many Libras, she hates being alone and, as a result, often feels sorry for herself when she goes a long time without dating. That is solved when she finally decides to ask Jackson out. They make an excellent team, even if their communication issues sometimes lead to resentment. 

Moody Jess Mariano is a Scorpio

Scorpio (October 23 – November 22) is the mysterious and secretive sign of the zodiac. Dubbed the Alchemist, they are intense and often have charisma to spare, typically drawing in more lighthearted but creative people around them. There's just something about a Scorpio that makes you want to figure out what makes them tick. They often have a sarcastic and cutting aspect to their personality, but when they become obsessed with something or someone, they go all in. However, there is also a perception that Scorpios are not to be trusted, as some will gain confidence only to betray it later

Luke's nephew Jess Mariano is introduced as a troubled but intelligent teen who is too much for his mom Liz to handle. She thinks that spending time in the quiet village of Stars Hollow under the watchful eye of his stern but caring uncle will be good for him. Jess immediately grows bored with the town and has no interest in being helpful to his uncle. However, he immediately zeroes in on Rory Gilmore because of her intelligence and interest in literature. Jess picks fights with her boyfriend Dean, who isn't Rory's intellectual equal. When Jess and Rory finally get together, he is often moody and indifferent toward her, leading to their eventual breakup. Years later, they get back in touch as he has finally figured out what he wants to do with himself when he becomes a writer and editor. 

Sagittarius Rory Gilmore is an explorer

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) is the thinker and dreamer of the zodiac. Dubbed the Philosopher, Sagittarius is not just a book-smart intellectual. They also crave new experiences and are surprisingly bold in seeking them out. They are enthusiastic and bubbly, always working on a dozen different projects at once. Of course, they might not finish any of them before moving on to something new. 

Who else could the Sagittarius on "Gilmore Girls" be but the golden child herself, Rory Gilmore? Lorelai's daughter is always treated like she is special by the residents of Stars Hollow. This hyperverbal bookworm always attracts bad boys like Jess Mariano and scoundrels like Logan Huntzberger. While an overachiever, she also does crazy things like attempting to steal a yacht with Logan and going on a joyride with Jess. Indeed, she is initially drawn to Logan while investigating the Yale secret society, the Life and Death Brigade, and is eventually invited to one of their events. She even jumps off scaffolding to prove herself. Rory is friendly but blunt, but she never has the laser focus on her writing that she needs to be successful because she has so many other interests. That said, Rory never stops being a quick-witted searcher, even when she briefly drops out of school. 

Ambitious Michel Gerard is a Capricorn

Capricorns (December 21 – January 20) are ambitious, hard-working, and stubborn. Known as the Leader of the zodiac, they are natural organizers who feel the urge to take control of and coordinate events surrounding them. With their symbol being the goat, it's no wonder that they are aggressive and not afraid to mix it up. Capricorns are responsible and duty-bound, but they can take a while to warm up to others — if at all. 

The concierge of the Dragonfly Inn, Michel Gerard, is a Frenchman known for his attention to detail and lack of patience for anyone who doesn't meet his values. He is never afraid to trade barbs with Lorelai and Sookie, but he also has a grudging sense of respect and affection for both. His carefully-maintained suits and annoyance when things don't go according to plan reveal his perfectionism. Whenever something gets in his way, he isn't afraid to confront it, even if he leaves hurt feelings in his wake. However, he is excellent at his job and works well with demanding people like Emily Gilmore because the detail-oriented challenges they present are precisely what he is best at dealing with.

Quirky Kirk Gleason is an Aquarius

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18) is perhaps the quirkiest sign of the zodiac. They're outsiders, often by design, and follow their own inspiration. Known as the Humanitarian, they have their own ideas regarding what's best for their community. While they don't show many emotions on the surface and can seem detached, they do feel at a very deep level. 

That was certainly true of Stars Hollow's resident odd-job maven, Kirk Gleason. Kirk is the consummate ubiquitous weirdo, who is always popping up unexpectedly with his newest occupation. Kirk's behavior often seems strange at best, engaging in bizarre arguments that seem pointless to anyone but him and whoever he's in a confrontation with. However, Stars Hollow is a town full of people marching to the beat of their own drum, so even Kirk manages to fit in, in his way. He lives with his overbearing mother and wants nothing more than to help others in his unique fashion while establishing relationships with people he admires, like Lorelai and Luke. He eventually finds love with a woman named Lulu, who not only tolerates Kirk's quirks but embraces them. 

Dreamer Lane Kim is a Pisces

Pisces (February 19 – March 20) is called the Dreamer for a good reason. Pisces aren't afraid to follow their biggest ambitions and express their genuine emotions. They are also kind and generous, always willing to give to others. Sometimes, they do this too much. Their broad imaginations often lead them to daydream and ignore their present circumstances, especially if what's going on around them isn't ideal. 

Rory's childhood friend Lane Kim is indisputably a Pisces. Lane grows up in a repressive, religious household with a strict mother, which leads her to quietly rebel and seek refuge in the world of rock and roll. She goes to elaborate lengths to hide this from her mother, even stashing her extensive record collection under the floorboards of her room. Her mother eventually supports her dream of being a drummer in a band, and her group almost plays CBGB but gets bumped at the last second. Lane is happy to live a double life, as it allows her to wear makeup and eat junk food with Rory while pretending to be an obedient daughter who eats tofu with her mom. Lane dreams of being a rock drummer, and when her mom kicks her out of the house after her deceit is uncovered, she winds up living with her bandmates. Like a true Pisces, practicalities are far less important to Lane than her dreams.