Rob Clough

Durham, NC
Duke University
Comics, Movies, TV, Wrestling
  • Rob Clough has been writing about comics for two decades. His broad tastes, from photocopies minicomics to best-selling superhero comics, have given him an opportunity to write for a number of websites and magazines.
  • Rob Clough's deep knowledge of the Marvel and DC comics universes gives him unique insights into how they have been translated for the big screen and television.
  • Rob Clough's experience as a writer, editor, educator, and organizer of comics and pop culture events, as well his varied and detailed interests, gives him the ability to write about these subjects from a variety of approaches.


Rob Clough has written about comics and pop culture for over two decades. He's written for The Comics Journal, Sequart, Studygroup Magazine, and many others. He's also the programming director for the Small Press Expo, a teacher of comics, and a professional editor/advisor for cartoonists.


Rob Clough has a degree in philosophy with an emphasis in aesthetics. This analytical approach gives him unique insight in how to break down the themes and ideas behind the media he writes about.
Stories By Rob Clough