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What You Never Noticed About Horatio's Shooting On CSI: Miami

After a serious career dive when the actor infamously left "NYPD Blue" during its second season, David Caruso got a big career bump when he became the lead of "CSI: Miami," the first spin-off of the "CSI" franchise (via Deseret). Caruso plays Lieutenant Horatio Caine, a bomb disposal and forensics expert who now leads the Crime Scene Investigations team for the Miami-Dade police department. A veteran cop, Caine is a shrewd, jaded man who is very aware of the malevolent forces he encounters every day. Unlike his counterpart on "CSI," Gus Grissom, Caine carries a gun and does not hesitate to use it when called for.

Caruso's trademark cool charisma, quippy one-liners, and action-packed moments of heroism helped the crime drama stay on the air for 10 seasons and 232 episodes. However, skilled marksmanship experts who have binged the series may have picked up on the unusual way Horatio Caine holds his gun. Here's what you may not have noticed about Caine's shooting style on "CSI: Miami."

David Caruso uses his left eye and right hand to shoot

Many experienced marksmen noticed that actor David Caruso uses his right hand when Horatio Caine uses his gun but is "left eye dominant." This means he uses the left eye to actually aim his weapon. It's why Caine has such a distinctive, even iconic way of holding the gun, holding it closer to his left eye than would be typical for a right-handed gunman.

However, what's called cross dominance can make shooting at targets difficult. Many cross-dominant shooters are advised to keep both eyes open right until their shot so they can aim more accurately (via All About Vision). It doesn't seem likely that a cop would use the technique, as it could make violent situations more dangerous for himself and others, but this is television, after all. Ultimately Caine's intense shooting style became a signature visual look for the show, much like his tendency to whip off his sunglasses at crime scenes.

You can currently stream all 10 seasons of "CSI: Miami" on Paramount+ or Hulu.