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The Vespa Sign That Cost American Pickers $450

The hosts of "American Pickers" are well-known for traveling all over the country in search of lost, strange treasures and whatever other "junk" they can manage to find on someone else's property. Mike Wolfe, the owner of the Antique Archaeology shop in Nashville, is particularly noted for his love of old bicycles and motor vehicles. The 57-year-old star of "American Pickers" is the proud owner of numerous antique modes of transportation, from cars made in the 1950s to motorcycles made in the 1910s (via Celebrity Cars Blog).

Over the years, Wolfe and his former co-star Frank Fritz have dropped a pretty penny on old vehicles more than a few times. On a visit to Illinois back in Season 3, the two spent $7,000 on a 1967 Ford Fairlane. During a stop in North Carolina in Season 13, the duo dropped nearly $50,000 on a couple of classic Nash Healey cars. And, in one of the team's most infamous picks on the series, they were forced to remove a 1933 Ford Coupe from a tree in Season 17.

However, the pair's love for automobiles is as varied as their affection for other antiques and extends beyond the actual vehicles themselves.

They bought a 1980s Vespa sign for $450

In one highlighted clip from the series posted to the official History YouTube channel, Mike finds a piece of automobile memorabilia he quickly decides that he has to purchase. Despite Mike's claim that "it's really tough" to pick in Florida during the winter because of "competition," he and Frank have little trouble strolling into a shop owned by a man named Dave. Dave owns a massive collection of bicycles, including a rare Moulton bicycle which Mike purchases for $200. Frank also has some luck and purchases a vintage Radar Patrol bicycle for $300. At some point in their meeting, Mike remarks that he really likes Vespa scooters, and although Dave doesn't own any scooters, Dave beckons the crew over to a box truck outside.

Inside the box truck, Dave reveals a 1980s Vespa dealership sign. While Dave initially asks for $500 to sell the sign, Mike is able to convince him to come down to $450 to complete the sale. This probably turns out to be a good pick for Mike as he expects to resell it for $900.