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The Classic Ford Muscle Car That Cost American Pickers $7,000

There are certain items the guys on "American Pickers" practically drool over when they get a chance to negotiate on it. Over 20 seasons, any fan should be able to guess that both Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz are huge car guys. They love their vintage vehicles, especially if they have all of the original parts. They have to stop themselves from paying any amount of money for a gorgeous car and remember that they're only there to turn a profit. If the cards just aren't right, they have no problem moving on. 

That doesn't mean they don't give it their all, and with a bit of patience, the guys have found immense success. The perfect example of this comes during the Season 3 episode, "Fairlane Fever." The pickers cruise down a road, which at one point becomes a dirt road, when they see a motorcycle for sale outside of a home. It draws their interest, but that was just the lure. They find the real prize waiting for them inside the garage.

It's everything they could want out of a vintage Ford

Nothing screams American car-making like the muscle car. These bad boys could race down the freeway like no one's business. They're the kind of vehicles you'd want to have the windows rolled down, so you could have the wind blowing in your hair as you blast the latest rock 'n' roll. For this reason, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz are ecstatic when they get the chance to check out a 1967 Ford Fairlane.

The Fairlane is a model of car Ford produced from 1955 to 1970, so you don't exactly see them all the time these days. The one the seller has in his garage is in fair condition, with the original paint to boot. Plus, the engine is all original, with just a few modifications to give it some extra horsepower. This is a real find, so Wolfe is over the moon to try to make a deal on it. 

The seller initially asks for $8,000. Wolfe attempts to make a combo deal by offering $7,000 for the Fairlane and the motorcycle outside, but the seller has other ideas in mind. After some back and forth, he agrees to sell just the car for $7,000, and it's a done deal. While things got dicey there for a minute, everything worked out in the end. At least it was easier to load up the Fairlane than the 1933 Ford Coupe they had to get out of a tree.