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NCIS Fans Agree This Character Is Their Least Favorite Series Regular

When most people think of the long-running show "NCIS" and it's many spinoffs, they often forget that "NCIS" was spun off of "JAG." "JAG" ended a couple years after viewers were first introduced to the crew of Gibbs, Sciuto, Weatherly, Alexander, and eventually many more characters. Now in its 19th season, the only character still on the show from the first season is the octogenarian David McCallum, who plays the beloved "Ducky" Mallard. Long-time lead actor Mark Harmon left "NCIS" after playing Leroy Jethro Gibbs for 18 years on the hit show. 

Since that very first season, nearly 20 actors have been part of the series' main cast, with fans showing each of them differing amounts of love and distaste. But out of all of the rotating cast of characters, there's always going to be that one that makes viewers grit their teeth more than any other when they're on screen.

Torres is fans' least-favorite character

There have been many characters that have been labeled the worst, the most annoying, and the most hated over the course of the show's nearly two decades on the air. But really, who is the worst? Abby Sciuto was there from the beginning, but for many people, her exit in 2018 couldn't come soon enough, with one fan commenting, "I've found that even during rewatches I have to fast forward through most scenes that have a focus on her" on an Express article. Other fans felt characters Jenny Shepard and Alex Quinn should've made quicker exits out of the door. 

Unfortunately for actor Wilmer Valderrama, his character Nick Torres rubs people the wrong way more than the others, according to a recent Reddit discussion. Since Torres was introduced in 2016, his character has kept fans divided. Some feel the character is just badly written, while others say they like him, but he's still their least favorite. One fan even said, "If this show were at all true to life, he would have been fired a long time ago. No other character has annoyed me as much as he does. I thought Abby was annoying at first, but she grew on me. I don't see that happening with Torres" (via Express).