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The Spider-Verse Spider-Man You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The different depictions of the Spider-Verse across TV shows, comic books, video games, and films have all proven one thing: Fans enjoy seeing Spider-Man meet his multiversal counterparts. Upcoming productions will continue capitalizing on the concept, as the Oscar-winning "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" gets a sequel in 2022, while the trilogy-completing "Spider-Man: No Way Home" pits Tom Holland's Peter Parker against foes of the two previous cinematic incarnations of the webslinger.

The idea of multiple versions of Marvel's signature superhero is an interesting take on what makes Spider-Man tick. After all, behind the mask, Spidey can be anyone. That said, if you were wondering which of the many Spider-Man variations best matches you in terms of personality, look no further than your horoscope. Whether you're trying to discover your true Spidersona or figuring out your next cosplay idea, here's the Spider-Verse Spider-Man that most closely resembles you, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Kaine

The impulsive, aggressive, and violent Spider-clone Kaine captures many traits associated with the fire sign Aries. For starters, this flawed genetic duplicate of Peter Parker has no qualms about using curse words or sounding disrespectful when he is being brutally honest — a characteristic that reflects an Aries-born person's tendency to not mince words and let other folks know exactly what's on their mind, even if it means sounding rude.

As the original Spider-Man's first imperfect clone, Kaine was subjected to immense cruelty by his creator the Jackal, and has become accustomed to being alone and unwanted. That's why Kaine spent many years on the run after the events of the '90s Clone Saga — and why, even when he decided to become a hero like Spider-Man, he chose to do it in Texas, far away from New York and its dense superhero population. In a way, this is an interesting (albeit tragic) reflection of the way people under the Aries sign are perfectly fine with doing things on their own, rarely relying on the company of others just to have a good time.

Kaine also happens to be one of the most stubborn, single-minded characters in the Spider-family, a characteristic of many Rams. When Kaine sets his mind on a goal — whether it's to kill Ben Reilly or hunt Kraven the Hunter — it takes a long time (and an extremely good argument) to dissuade him.

Taurus: Spider-Man

As far as Spider-Verse characters go, few can match the intelligence, persistence, and resilience of the original Spider-Man, Peter Benjamin Parker. His spectacular spider-abilities are matched only by an amazing sense of responsibility and commitment to doing the right thing, to an almost bullheaded degree — and this makes him the ideal Spider-avatar for the earth sign Taurus.

His great strength and impressive intellect notwithstanding, Spider-Man still captures the essence of the hardworking everyman better than anyone else in the Marvel universe. Similarly, Bulls are well-known for their diligence and drive; they're never afraid to put in the work and get their hands dirty, if that's what it takes to accomplish their goals. Taurus-born folks charge in fearlessly, putting in everything they've got for causes they believe in — much like how the webslinger never backs down, no matter how impossible the odds may seem.

Marvel introduced Spider-Man as its first teenage solo hero in "Amazing Fantasy" #15. His youthfulness often put him at odds with law enforcement and older, more experienced superheroes. Similarly, people born under the Taurus sign find it challenging to simply comply with directives from authority figures, particularly when they feel that their way of doing things is better. Regardless, many recognize Bulls as the "anchor" of the Zodiac. In that same vein, Peter is the anchor of the Great Web, and the true center of the Spider-Verse.

Gemini: Scarlet Spider

Without a doubt, life is tough when you're Peter Parker, as you have to balance your responsibilities while leading two lives (and trying to keep them separate). However, it's even more challenging when you're Peter Parker's exact clone — just ask Ben Reilly, a.k.a. the Scarlet Spider. Equipped with all of Peter's spider-abilities, early memories, and emotional baggage, Ben was forced to live on the run for a long time. However, his experiences ended up molding him to become not only a better superhero, but also the perfect Spider-counterpart for the air sign Gemini.

Much like Gemini-born folks, Ben chooses not to dwell on his tragic genesis and past. Rather, he keeps trying to move forward, no matter how many obstacles he has to face along the way. His cheery disposition and optimism have also managed to shine through on many occasions, especially whenever he fills in for Peter as the main Spider-Man.

Ben has had many opportunities to get rid of Peter and assume his life, but has never seriously attempted to take his progenitor out of the picture. This is a testament to Ben's sense of loyalty to his "twin," the same lifetime loyalty that the zodiac's Twins are best known for. Ben is also every bit as smart as Peter. His invention of impact webbing (used in "Web of Spider-Man" #119) even improved upon the original's ideas. Indeed, there's no better Spider for Peter to have on his side than Ben.

Cancer: Spider-Man 2099

The brilliant Miguel O'Hara is Peter Parker's unofficial successor from the future. After obtaining his powers from a laboratory experiment intended to create an army of spider-powered corporate raiders, Miguel unexpectedly finds himself walking the hero's path. His life experiences in the year 2099 taught him the same lesson on power and responsibility that the original adhered to. That said, Miguel still zagged where Peter zigged, making him an excellent Spider-avatar for the water sign Cancer.

Miguel isn't exactly the warmest person around. In fact, his friends and family often find his sharp tongue and sarcastic wit to be a source of endless frustration. However, it doesn't mean that Miguel does not care about the people around him. Quite the opposite: He grew into the role of Spider-Man 2099 because of how much he cares about his fellow citizens, especially the disenfranchised. In a way, this mirrors how Crabs can sometimes be perceived as antagonistic or caustic, but are actually extremely loyal, emotional, and self-sacrificing when it comes to their loved ones. Moreover, Miguel's sense of humor differs greatly from Peter's, in the sense that it comes from a position of attentiveness; like a typical Cancer-born person, the future Spider-Man is adept at profiling (and making fun of) people based on his observations.

Interestingly, Miguel embodies the signature Cancer trait of near-psychic intuition to a literal degree, as he has demonstrated limited telepathic abilities (which are believed to be rooted in the original Spider-Man's spider-sense).

Leo: Supaidaman

An impressive oddity among all of Spider-Man's multiversal counterparts, Takuya Yamashiro effortlessly becomes the center of attention during any Spider-Verse mission. Then again, you probably would be, too, if you always charged into battle piloting Leopardon, a gigantic transforming robot with a massive sword. Similarly, people born under the fire sign Leo can easily command respect and awe at any gathering (though they don't even need Supaidaman's robot to do it).

Like their animal namesake, Lions are characteristically courageous, and are known to be steadfast in championing causes they believe in and fighting injustice when they see it. In many ways, this is exactly how the self-proclaimed Emissary of Hell operates: He is on a never-ending quest to vanquish evil, fighting monster after monster to keep his city safe. However, despite his commanding presence, Takuya is warm and well-mannered towards his Spider-counterparts, always willing to lend a hand in pursuit of the greater good, much like typical Leos.

Supaidaman isn't completely without hubris, though. Like Leo-born folks, the Japanese Spider-Man is fond of grand gestures — if his frequent use of Leopardon in battle isn't already a massive clue. This proclivity for showmanship, another signature Leo trait, is also evident in the way he chooses to use Sword Vigor, Leopardon's most powerful attack, as a finishing move in his battles, instead of leading with it and saving time (as the Superior Spider-Man pointed out to him in "Spider-Geddon" #3).

Virgo: Ghost Spider

In an alternate reality, it was high school student Gwen Stacy who was bitten by a radioactive spider. The death of her friend Peter Parker (as seen in "Edge of Spider-Verse #2) solidifies her drive to become the crime-fighting Ghost Spider — and further reinforces the character traits that make her the perfect fit for the earth sign Virgo.

Ghost Spider possesses a natural ear for music; in her home dimension, she is the drummer in a rock band. Her talents, her athleticism, and the general way she carries herself are in sync with the Virgo sign's signature grace and harmony. Virgos are reliable companions  always willing to lend a hand and pitch in to get the job done, a trait that "Spider-Gwen" has demonstrated on multiple occasions. She played a crucial role in both of the multiversal Spider-squad's fights against Morlun and the Inheritors, showing just how great a team player she can be.

Before getting her secret identity blown wide open in her home dimension, Gwen was extremely protective of it. Similarly, Virgos hold on to their secrets tightly, and are only willing to reveal themselves to people they fully trust. Another typical Virgo trait that Ghost Spider exhibits is the fear of disappointing friends and family. After Peter's death, Gwen blamed herself so much that she redoubled her efforts to become a dependable crime-fighter.

Libra: Miles Morales

After the Peter Parker of Earth-1610 died in battle in "Ultimate Spider-Man #160, another young hero claimed his mantle: Miles Morales, a boy from Brooklyn who was bitten by a different genetically-altered spider. Initially reluctant to become a hero like Peter, Miles came to the realization that it was his responsibility to use his powers for the benefit of mankind — and as a way to honor the first Spider-Man. In his journey towards becoming Spider-Man, Miles exhibited many of the traits associated with the air sign Libra.

For starters, Miles has the ability to project coolness and confidence, but secretly struggles with insecurities and questions about his own identity and place in the world. This resembles the internal plight of many Libras, as their quest for balance in their own lives can often lead them to deep (and at times, bleak) introspection.

However, just like the Libra-born, Miles demonstrates fearlessness whenever he ventures into unexplored territory. The greatest evidence of this is how he bravely suited up as the new Spider-Man shortly after the original's demise. Moreover, when Miles led the multiverse Spiders into battle in "Spider-Geddon," he used his leadership and diplomacy skills to get everyone on the same page. While it did take him some time to come around and realize his destiny, he has certainly proven himself to be a worthy successor.

Scorpio: Silk

"Amazing Spider-Man" vol. 3 #4 reveals that on the fateful day an irradiated spider gave Peter Parker his amazing spider-abilities, the radioactive arachnid actually managed to bite another person before dying. However, unlike Peter, Cindy Moon spent many years in isolation. When she emerged from hiding, she was unsure of what to do in the world. Fortunately, it didn't take long for her to realize her true path, embracing the traits of the water sign Scorpio in the process.

The adventurer known as Silk may seem too aloof and distant to people who aren't that well-acquainted with her. In reality, though, Silk has been suffering from social anxiety, owing to years of being hidden and not having friends or family to interact with. However, Silk does extend some effort in getting to know others better, reading their emotions, and befriending them — and  just like Scorpio-born folks, she can become a loyal, lifetime friend to people she knows she can trust.

Moreover, many of her major decisions were greatly influenced by her intense dedication to finding and reuniting with her relatives (as seen in "Amazing Spider-Man" vol. 3 #6). In other words, like Scorpios, she knows exactly what she wants and goes after it without a shred of uncertainty.

Sagittarius: Spider-Ham

Out of all the versions of Spider-Man that appeared in the animated movie "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse," none embodied the hilarity and absurdity of their multiverse-hopping situation more than the walking Chuck Jones cartoon, Peter Porker a.k.a. Spider-Ham. His ridiculous antics and cartoonish arsenal notwithstanding, Spider-Ham is perhaps the spider-powered hero who best captures the essence of the fire sign Sagittarius.

For an anthropomorphized pig, Spider-Ham exudes a lot more confidence and certainty than many of his spider-powered multiverse counterparts. This is consistent with how people born under the Sagittarius sign tend to have a strong sense of self that allows them to overcome any insecurities. Moreover, Peter Porker not only has boundless creativity, but also the uncanny ability to make his outlandish ideas happen. From pulling comically exaggerated weapons out of thin air to the "Spider-Nonsense" powers that literally save his bacon, Spider-Ham is a personification (or perhaps, pigsonification?) of the Sagittarius-born trait of seeing opportunities that aren't immediately obvious to other people.

A seasoned dimension-hopper who remains largely unfazed by the multiversal madness he so often witnesses, Spider-Ham seems to have a limitless supply of the Sagittarius sign's trademark zest for life. Also, like others born under this sign, Spider-Ham is an excellent team player who brings honesty, imagination, and hilarity to every adventure.

Capricorn: Superior Spider-Man

When Doctor Otto Octavius plotted to escape his own demise by taking over Peter Parker's body, it had the unexpected consequence of turning him into one of the most competent, albeit arrogant, members of the Spider-Verse. After living through Peter's memories in "Amazing Spider-Man" #700, Doc Ock shed his villainous persona — and in the process, became a walking embodiment of the earth sign Capricorn's most noteworthy traits.

The self-proclaimed "Superior Spider-Man" strives for perfection and efficiency in every aspect of his life. Whether in terms of developing technology to patrol every corner of New York or obtaining a PhD as Peter Parker, Octavius highly values achievements and appearances. Similarly, Capricorns have a tendency to give their best in everything they do, aiming to push the boundaries of their capabilities in order to get everything done right. Like people born under this sign, the Superior Spider-Man enjoys receiving validation from successes in his crime-fighting and personal lives. However, it is ultimately this obsession that shackles Octavius and prevents him from becoming a true force for good — a pitfall that any Capricorn would do well to avoid.

Capricorns share many other traits with the mind-swapped webslinger. Aside from being extremely smart, diligent, and focused on the little details, they have an unwavering belief that anything is possible with just the right push. However, this leads them to have unattainable standards and tunnel vision; they sometimes operate under the misguided notion that their way is the only way.

Aquarius: Spider-Man Noir

Spider-Man Noir is a version of Peter Parker from an alternate-reality 1930s. As an investigator with the proportionate strength, speed, and agility of a spider, this grim, gritty Spider-Man tends to see the world in black and white. He also possesses many of the qualities associated with the air sign Aquarius.

The gunslinging gumshoe has an aura of mystery about him, easily turning him into one of the most unique Spider-Men across the Spider-Verse. Similarly, Aquarians tend to stand out in groups, even when they're with other Aquarians. Their individuality and independence always shines through, which can sometimes make them an enigma to their friends and family. Additionally, Spider-Man Noir exhibits the signature passion and commitment of Aquarians, and is willing to leap into danger to save lives, even while risking his own.

This alternate Peter Parker also believes that he has a mission to improve the world, and will go to great lengths to ensure that justice and equity prevail. His conviction was further reinforced by a resurrection following his death in "Spider-Geddon" #1, particularly after the spider-god informed him that he still had an important role to play on his Earth. 

People born under the Aquarius sign generally adhere to the same belief system. They recognize that they share the planet with other people, and that their decisions can have massive impacts on their fellow citizens. Thus, they strive to live a purpose-driven life.

Pisces: Peni Parker and SP//dr

The unlikely combination of a teenage girl, a psychic radioactive spider, and an Evangelion-esque mech suit form SP//dr, the crime-stopping powerhouse of Earth-14512. As one of the many alternate versions of Peter Parker across the multiverse, Peni Parker was first called to fight alongside her Spider-brethren in "Edge of Spider-Verse" #5, to defend the Web of Life and Destiny. Peni's similarities with people born under the water sign Pisces were highlighted in these multiversal adventures.

Pisceans have a reputation for being "close to psychic" due to their intelligence, innovativeness, and intuition. Peni's psychic link to her SP//dr suit, made possible by the sentient arachnid that has partnered with her, serves as a parallel to this quality. According to Peni, listening to music while in the SP//dr suit helps her focus during battles. In a way, this reflects the Pisces sign's inclination towards art and music, which is said to help them deal with occasional feelings of loneliness. This may serve a similar purpose for Peni, who lost her father, the original SP//dr pilot, at a young age.

Having battled illusionists and giant monsters, Peni has seen her fair share of oddities. This likely explains why she is never phased when she has to team up with a handful of her often eccentric multiversal counterparts. Likewise, Pisceans have a tendency to perform well in small groups, as they have a natural sensitivity that helps them establish common ground with would-be collaborators.