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Amy Reveals The Hardest Part Of Her Diet On 1000-Lb Sisters

Following in the footsteps of the hit TLC reality show "My 600-lb Life," Amy and Tammy Slaton's weight loss journey is chronicled in "1000-lb Sisters." The show premiered in January 2020, introducing the charismatic Slaton sisters and documenting the extreme lifestyle changes they were preparing to undergo to qualify for bariatric surgery.

At the onset of "1000-lb Sisters," older sister Tammy Slaton is nearly bedridden and struggles to find motivation, while younger sister Amy is committed to losing weight so she can become pregnant. With Season 3 of "1000-lb Sisters" coming soon, viewers have watched the Slaton sisters' highs and lows as they altered their diets, began to exercise, and opened up about their emotional and mental health.

Amy, who is now a mother, is finally leading the life she had been working toward when the show began. However, it was a long, difficult road to get to where she is now, and changing her diet was a key factor.

So, what did Amy admit was the most challenging part of her diet?

Amy Slaton struggled to give up one sugary drink

Though their weight loss journeys have since gone in different directions, Amy and Tammy Slaton started making these lifestyle changes together. Throughout their time on their show, the sisters have always been open about their obstacles and revealed that the diet was a major adjustment.

Amy said that changing the food she consumed wasn't that bad. However, she admitted the hardest part of the diet was giving up soda. "The sodas were really hard. But I ended up doing it and I haven't had a soda in what, four months now? I haven't even thought about sodas really," she told In Touch. "Well, every now and again, I'll crave one. But mostly, I'll just drink water and coffee."

Fans of "1000-lb. Sisters" know how often the women would drink soda, and when their dietician suggested drinking one can per day instead of their usual eight to 12 cans, it was a big deal. By sticking to this diet and avoiding soda, Amy has turned her life around through the show. She continues to progress while doing what she can to help Tammy, and this will be shown in the upcoming season.