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The Set Of Rust Has Been Struck With Yet More Tragedy

"Rust" started out as a perfectly innocuous indie Western, but in recent weeks, the movie's production has been making news for very different, far more tragic reasons. On October 21, 2021, a firearm incident on the "Rust" set killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injured director Joel Souza, as a supposedly safe prop firearm wielded by actor Alec Baldwin unexpectedly fired a projectile that struck them. The investigators are still trying to unfold the events that led to the accident, and as the people involved and the industry at large is trying to cope with the incident and its aftermath, at least one massive "Rust" lawsuit seems all but inevitable.  

The "Rust" set has already seen more than its set of terrible events, but recent reports indicate that another tragedy has struck on the site, as yet another crew member has suffered a terrible accident. Here's the newest tragedy on the set of "Rust." 

A spider bite has hospitalized a Rust crew member

According to Sky News, "Rust" lamp operator and pipe rigger Jason Miller has been hospitalized after a dangerous brown recluse spider bit him on the set of the movie as they were shutting down production. One of the most dangerous spiders in the world, the brown recluse tends to keep to itself, but if it does bite you, its venom can potentially start breaking down your capillary veins or red blood cells (per Live Science). Because there's no readily available antivenom in the U.S., a bite can sometimes be dangerous and even fatal.

The bite of a brown recluse turns truly nasty in a relatively small percentage of the cases, but it appears that Miller was among those unlucky 10 percent. Reportedly, his symptoms include necrosis in his arm, to the point that he risks losing the arm. It remains to be seen whether the multiple surgeries he's gone through are able to save the limb. 

This news story is developing.