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The Real Reason Chloe Zhao Cast Harry Styles As Eros In Eternals

Marvel's "Eternals" is finally in theaters, and with it comes a very special MCU-altering appearance from music superstar Harry Styles as Eros, brother to Avengers villain Thanos. The singer-actor's cameo comes in a mid-credits scene following the movie, which was carefully planned by director Chloé Zhao.

"I love the idea of getting to know Thanos' brother," she told CinemaBlend in a new interview. "He's an Eternal, our version of him, he's an Eternal. And the idea of him having gone through what Eternals have gone through, doing their work for the Celestials, is very interesting — how that might have affected Thanos to become who he is today. And I love that idea."

When it came time to do the casting, Zhao claimed she already had Styles in mind before she pitched the idea. "For me, it was never like, 'Okay, let's do this character and let's go find an actor.' I kept tabs on Harry Styles since he appeared in 'Dunkirk.' Because whoever [Christopher] Nolan casts I always keep an eye open." However, the filmmaker said there was also another major thing about the former One Direction star that swayed her decision.

Zhao wanted a believable Eros, said Styles was the perfect fit

When it comes to her movies, Chloé Zhao told CinemaBlend that she likes to use actors who truly embody the roles they're playing, like Styles for example. "I immediately just thought, 'This person,'" Zhao remembered about the selection process. "This is how I cast. A little bit is like, who you are makes me think of Eros as a character. He comes to life when I met him."

Zhao recalled pitching the idea of Styles as Eros to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, saying there was no other choice for the part. "It was very much, 'This is a package.' If he says yes, if Kevin says yes, then it's a go. And luckily they both said yes," she explained.

Eros, who is also known as Starfox, is considered to be a more peaceful version of his Infinity Stone-wielding brother in the comics. Many fans have wondered whether Marvel will use the character as a villain or hero, seeing how he's been both over the years.