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Black Adam Producer Makes An Intriguing Promise About The Movie

If you're a fan of DC Comics' Shazam! Family storylines, a big screen Black Adam project has probably been on your cinematic wishlist for a while. That's particularly true as the oft-villainous anti-hero was conspicuously absent from the first "Shazam!" flick. Fear not, 'cause your dream DC project is on the way, with none other than Dwayne Johnson in the title role.

The new film is, of course, still months away from release, with Warner Bros. tabbing July 29, 2022 as the day to unleash "Black Adam" on the masses. With the project having recently wrapped production, and showcasing actual footage during DC's FanDome event, there's been a lot of chatter about "Black Adam" of late. That's likely to continue as one of the film's producers, Hiram Garcia, has dropped a few juicy nuggets about "Black Adam" in a handful of new promotional interviews. While those interviews are largely focused on another Johnson project, Netflix's high profile action flick "Red Notice," Garcia has giddily been fielding questions about "Black Adam" as well. Per his comments to CBR.com, it seems the upcoming adaptation is going to get a little more hardcore than fans might expect.

Black Adam will be a bit darker than your usual superhero fare

That'll hardly come as a surprise for fans of "Black Adam" comics, as he really has been one of the edgier characters to enter the DC realm. One might assume some of his rougher edges have been smoothed for Johnson's big-screen version, but Garcia was very clear that the new movie is going to be appropriately heavy. He even compared the film's tone to that of another iconic DC production, Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight." "'Black Adam' is edgy, right? That's gonna be a PG-13 movie where it was very much like, say, 'The Dark Knight,' where that pushed the edges of PG-13. I think we do that very much with 'Black Adam.'" 

In "pushing the edges of PG-13," Garcia mentioned that "Black Adam" will not shy away from the character's proclivity for violence. More specifically, he noted that the film's body count will be higher than most fans of superhero cinema are used to, stating bluntly, "We have a very high kill count in our movie." Should you doubt Garcia's claim, we'd point you towards the aforementioned DC FanDome footage as proof. Said footage was essentially the opening scene from "Black Adam," and found the ancient, all-powerful super viciously dispatching with one of the armed toughs who discovered his lair before turning his attention to the rest of the crew. As it is, we'll have to wait until July of 2022 to see just how hardcore Johnson's "Black Adam" gets.