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Black Adam Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Trailer

While fans of comic book cinema are anxiously prepping for a fresh wave of super-powered toughs to make their way to multiplexes the world over, there's one character in particular that has fans of the DCEU more hot and bothered than most. He was originally a supervillain, for the record, but will reportedly lean more into his anti-hero tendencies in his solo picture. He goes by the name of Black Adam — and he's one of the most powerful beings in the entirety of the DC comics universe.

By powerful, understand that we mean, like, supremely powerful. Powerful enough to hold his own against iconic DC heroes like Superman and Shazam... at the same time. Of the second name on that short list of heroes, we can tell you that Black Adam is the very definition of arch-enemy, frequently pushing Billy Batson and his powered family to the brink and beyond in the pages of DC comics. 

While we'll still have to wait a while to see Shazam and Black Adam face off on the big screen, fans of the Black Adam comics are currently gearing up for one of DC's biggest not-quite-bads to change the superhero hierarchy via a standalone feature of his very own. Here's everything we know so far about DC's upcoming Black Adam movie. 

What is Black Adam's release date?

Now, before all you DC super-fans get too hyped about the villain-slash-antihero's big screen debut, we should go ahead and tell you that there's still a bit of a wait ahead before you'll actually get your peepers on the Black Adam movie. Though DC has been planning the character's big screen breakout for a very long time, Black Adam's road to theaters has been very much of the long and winding sort. That's primarily a result of the DCEU re-evaluating the way they approached their cinematic world in the wake of the colossal misfire that was Justice League. It also had to do with DC wanting to release Shazam! before introducing that hero's arch enemy, and a late-in-the-game executive decision to the effect that Black Adam was a rich enough character to support a solo film of his own.

To complicate matters more, DC was battling the insanely busy schedule of the megastar they'd tapped to star in their Black Adam adaption. Well, the stars have officially aligned for the flick, and per that megastar's recent Instagram post, it appears the film is set to shoot in the summer of 2020. (That is, of course, unless a certain viral pandemic doesn't wreak havoc with Black Adam's production the way it has with many other entertainment projects large and small.) So, assuming that the big, bad coronavirus doesn't impact Black Adam's shooting schedule, and that the release date isn't shifted to accommodate all the other shifting releases in the cinematic landscape, Black Adam will hit theaters on December 22, 2021. That should make a nice holiday gift for DC fans far and wide. 

Who will be in Black Adam?

Now, about that megastar we mentioned: the one and only Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson will star in Black Adam, but we're guessing you probably knew that already, because, well, Mr. Johnson has been quite vocal about wanting to play the role since first circling it back in 2014. Of course, the years in between have seen a dramatic shift in not just Johnson's own big screen profile, but the very fabric of superhero cinema itself, with the team-up friendly MCU effectively dominating the super cinema conversation.

DC's and Warner Bros.' haphazard attempts to play catch up in the universe-building approach likely hindered the development of several other DC properties, including Johnson's Black Adam. Now that the DCEU has found its footing via hits like Wonder WomanAquaman, and Shazam!, Johnson will finally get to bring Black Adam to comic-loving audiences everywhere. So excited is Johnson to get into character, he's been teasing fans via Instagram about getting into fighting shape for the movie. And yes, it appears he'll be getting even more buff than usual for the project.

At the moment, however, we haven't a clue as to who will be appearing in the Black Adam movie opposite Johnson, as Warner Bros. has made no additional casting announcements. That being said, it seems they have no intention of bringing Zachary Levi's Billy Batson-slash-Shazam into the mix just yet — and Levi himself has said that the two foes likely won't square off until Shazam 3. As we await further casting news for Black Adam, we can confirm that the screenplay for the film has been penned by Adam Sztykiel, the scribe behind the Johnson-starring Rampage, and that it will be directed by The Shallows helmer Jaume Collet-Serra.

What is the plot of Black Adam?

While we officially know next to nothing about who will be appearing in the Black Adam movie alongside Mr. Rock, we actually know even less about the film's plot, as DC and Warner Bros. are remaining fiercely tight-lipped about Black Adam's story.

However, despite the fact that we don't know exactly what Team DC has in store for the Black Adam movie, there's still some things we can glean ahead of any official story announcements. First and foremost, it's worth noting that Black Adam will indeed be the character's first appearance in the DCEU. As such, it's a safe bet that Black Adam will serve as an origin story of sorts. And if that is the case, it will be interesting to see how the Black Adam creative team approaches the character's beginnings.

In case you're unfamiliar, said origin has shifted dramatically in the pages of DC comics over the years. Initially, Black Adam was a legit supervillain; he was also a tragically wayward predecessor to Shazam himself, who battled Billy Batson and his super-powered crew on the regular. Recent years have seen the character's arc shift away from pure villainy, however, with the Black Adam now painted as a wronged antihero out to clear his tarnished name and reputation. 

Per Johnson himself, he will indeed be playing up the antihero side of Black Adam's story (via ScreenRant). He may even be pushing the character into more straight-up hero territory for the movie, which should make for an interesting showdown when he eventually meets up with Shazam — or, dare we say, even Superman — on the big screen. 

Is there a trailer for Black Adam?

As mentioned, Black Adam has yet to officially begin production; it's scheduled to go before the cameras in the summer of 2020. That means that there's not even a single frame of footage of Johnson in uniform, or in action on set, or otherwise engaged in any sort of Black Adam-y activities. Since there's no footage to speak of, there's obviously not yet an official Black Adam trailer to gaze upon.

Sad as that news may be, it's become all but standard operating procedure these days for big time, tentpole movies like Black Adam to build awareness and anticipation by cutting together a sizzle reel-styled teaser, and releasing it into the world very early in production. So the good news is that, assuming Black Adam actually stays on schedule and begins production this summer as planned, there's an outside chance we might get our first teaser for the film before summer's end.

We would not be completely shocked, in fact, if Warner Bros. managed to squeeze a Black Adam teaser into the mix ahead of Christopher Nolan's Tenet. That movie is currently slated to hit theaters on July 17, just in case you needed another reason to queue for the latest Nolan joint. 

Whenever the trailer finally drops, we'll be there to cover it, so stay tuned to Looper for fresh info on all things Black Adam — and if you're as psyched about the flick as we are, you may want to go ahead and bookmark this post, which we'll be updating regularly whenever news breaks.