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Jason Momoa Tests Positive For Covid Following Dune Premiere

"Aquaman" star Jason Momoa has confirmed that he has been diagnosed with COVID-19 after testing positive last month following the London premiere of "Dune." Momoa says he is "camped out" at his house at the moment, but "doing fine."

"I got hit with COVID right after the premiere," the actor revealed on his Instagram story, according to People Magazine. The posts were made Friday, October 29. Momoa's appearance at the "Dune" premiere was on October 18. "There was a lot of people I met in England, so got a lot of aloha from people," Momoa said, adding "Who knows?" in regards to how he got sick. 

Reports from tabloid The Sun had emerged last week saying production had been halted on the set of "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom" following Momoa's positive COVID test, however they were never confirmed by the cast or crew themselves. It wasn't until Friday when Momoa posted on Instagram that his diagnosis was officially revealed. TikTokers and other Internet users were reportedly sharing the "Game of Thrones" star's IG posts on Monday and Tuesday, as well as throughout the weekend. Momoa didn't offer an update about "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom," but he did give a few details about his condition and what it's been like having COVID so far. 

Momoa's recovery going 'pretty good,' the actor says

Fortunately for the Hawaii native, Momoa's recovery has been going fairly well since he first tested positive. He's been quarantining with pro skateboarder Erik Ellington, whom he referred to as his "roommate" (via People). 

"Everyone wants to know how COVID is going, it's going pretty good," Momoa said in further Instagram stories, which showed Ellington skating. "Yeah, we're having a ball," the actor added, laughing. In earlier posts, Momoa thanked fans for all their concerns. "Mahalo for all the love and support," he said.

About 1 in 50 people living in England tested positive for COVID during the week ending Oct. 22, according to Reuters, which is right when Momoa and the rest of the "Dune" cast were in London for the premiere. The percentage of residents testing positive were said to be highest among unvaccinated children. Momoa has not revealed whether he's been vaccinated or not.