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The Worst Thing That Ever Happened To Kevin On Chicago PD

NBC's beloved cop drama "Chicago P.D." is now well into its ninth season, and by the looks of things, it's setting up to run for quite a few more. With a little luck, the series will continue be anchored by the regular cast of players that have kept viewers engaged throughout its already lengthy run. That may be wishful thinking, of course, as the "Chicago P.D." creative team continues to put Detective Sergeant Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) and the rest of the 21st District's crack Intelligence Unit through the proverbial ringer.

Like many of the shows in the "One Chicago" franchise, the "Chicago P.D." landscape has already lost a few key faces since hitting the airwaves back in 2014. Thankfully, Detective Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) has remained a steady presence on the show since episode 1. And over his 171 appearances on "Chicago P.D." Detective Atwater has become one of the series' most intriguing characters. He's also arguably the most strait-laced cop in the Intelligence Unit. 

However, as any "Chicago P.D." fan can tell you, being an honest cop isn't always easy. And indeed, Atwater's devotion to bring honor to the badge has often put him at odds with some of his less noble law enforcement brethren.  

The truth did not set Atwater free on Chicago P.D.

To be clear, Kevin Atwater is hardly a choir boy, and has done a few ethically questionable things in his time with the Intelligence Unit. But somewhere along the way, Atwater decided enough was enough, and tried to set himself back on the path of the straight-ish and narrow. That endeavor led to some serious trouble in the Season 7 finale of "Chicago P.D." when Atwater refused to lie to Internal Affairs and clear the name of a departed officer whom he witnessed profile an African American man before gunning him down.

That act unfortunately drew the ire of the fallen officer's cop-centric family, who promptly set out to scare and intimidate Atwater into changing his tune with the help of their many department allies. That showdown carried over into the show's eight season, during which Atwater's new inter-departmental enemies tried to set him up in drug sting. After that setup failed, things got nasty as Atwater was eventually attacked outside of his home and savagely beaten by a group of very bad cops. 

While the intimidation campaign continued throughout much of Season 8, and very nearly cost Atwater his badge, the brutal beatdown in front of his own home was a legitimate low point for Atwater on the show. And even after everything he's endured before and after, it remains the worst thing that's ever happened to Kevin on "Chicago P.D."