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The Stranger Things And Inside Job Teamup That Brett Gelman Wants To See - Exclusive

Fans who love Brett Gelman's "Stranger Things" character Murray Bauman will undoubtedly enjoy his new role as Magic Myc in the Netflix series "Inside Job." While Murray is simply a conspiracy theorist (who just so happens to be right about most of his paranoia), Myc is a sentient mushroom working for the secret cabal called Cognito in "Inside Job." Both characters revolve around the same subject: conspiracies. 

Okay, so Murray is trying to uncover them while Myc hides their existence from the general public. But they could definitely get into a heap of trouble were they ever to team up. Realistically, though, it would be less of a team-up and more along the lines of "Murray somehow finds his way into Cognito, and the gang has to stop him from blowing the lid open on the whole conspiracy thing." Either way, it would make for a pretty fun Netflix mashup.

As it turns out, actor Brett Gelman is down for this possible team up, as he told Looper during an exclusive interview for "Inside Job."

Could Murray show up on Inside Job?

On whether or not Gelman thinks his "Stranger Things" character Murray could fit into the "Inside Job" universe to team up with Magic Myc, he said, "It'd be amazing. It'd be fun if Murray and Myc teamed up. Myc is a way worse person, even though Myc's technically not a human being. Murray has a much higher sense of morality and isn't a pervert like Myc is, but it would be amazing to see them team up or to have that sort of moment." 

Noting how much he loved seeing those moments as a kid, Gelman added, "It would be like when I was a kid ... And I know I'm dating myself here, but when I was a kid, I remember watching 'Sesame Street' as a little kid and then seeing R2-D2 and C-3PO coming to that set. And I was just like, 'That's so cool.' It's like, my favorite guys over here, and my guys over here, coming together." Who wouldn't want a similar experience with "Stranger Things" and "Inside Job"? Gelman mirrored that sentiment, saying, "It would be pretty wild that if Netflix ... No network has ever done that, really. No, probably 'The Simpsons' has with other Fox shows. But it would be cool to see Murray guest star in a couple episodes." Given all of the next-level weapons in Cognito's arsenal, let's just hope Murray doesn't end up hurting himself.

The A-listers Gelman wants on the show

On how Gelman thinks that Murray could fit into the "Inside Job" world, he said, "I think he probably stumbles on conspiracies that they're making happen. And then they try to stop him from figuring it out. But in the meantime, a bigger problem arises that he helps them solve. You know? Easy."

So we know Gelman wants a "Stranger Things" crossover, but which other actors would he love to see on the series? Gelman gave us a list of the biggest A-listers Hollywood has to offer. "Well, let's get Robert De Niro and Jack Nicholson, and Meryl Streep," he listed. "Viola Davis, I think, would be great. Denzel Washington. Did I say Pacino? He's great. John Malkovich. It'd be amazing. I mean, if they got gigantic actors to be on it, that'd be incredible. It'd be cool to get some voiceover royalty, too, to come on. It'd be cool if we saw Dan Castellaneta or Hank Azaria for some episodes, who have done some of the best cartoon work of all time. I wish Mel Blanc was still alive. That would be amazing."

He doesn't know what kind of characters they would play, but he would just be happy to have them come on. He noted on potential plotlines, "I have no idea. I don't know. They'd have to pitch that themselves. You know? That's on them. It's not on me to figure out what role an actor should play. I've got enough on my plate. I don't need to pitch out other actors. If they want, they can come on, and they can pitch what characters they're going to do. [Jokingly] I don't need other actors. It's all about me. It's all about me. I'm an actor."

Fans can now watch the first ten episodes of "Inside Job" streaming on Netflix.